Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunshiny Day.....

I find one of the easiest ways to turn my mood around is to wear bright colours. Sometimes when we're in a bad mood, we'll have this tendency to reach out for the darkest gloomiest outfit in our closet. I was reading somewhere that wearing dark outfits when you're already in a "state" can further dampen our mood throughout the whole day. So ask yourself why would you want to stay in a rut???

I love donning the colour yellow, especially if I'm in one of my moods. I will pair the outfit with black or white to tone it down a little. For such an attention grabbing colour I'll choose heavier textures such as wool for structure or soft chiffon for the flow. I'll also stay clear from shiny textures such as satin or silk as it tends to make me look heavier. I guess if you're stick thin go for it :p 

Who other turn to other than my style icon Blair Waldorf ( I know Gossip Girls, is so 2009 but awesome style stays forever :p)

I was browsing for a new yellow blazer for myself, when  I came across several adorable winter outfits for little girls.  I don't know why but the sight of little girls in winter wear would usually increase their cuteness factor by tenfolds.

Since we're in Malaysia we have no use for cute little pea coats and fur vest so there's no good reason for me to purchase any. Even if we're going to a cold country anytime in the near future (wishing is free :p) these coats are not cheap (at least not the ones that I like la) spending RM300 each on something that the twins will wear just for a few days is all kinda stupid....

Maybe I should make monthly trips to Snow World to justify buying these outfits for Iman and Ranya. Excuse the craziness, It's a Monday. I'm always a bit crazy (er) on a Monday hehehe

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