Monday, February 16, 2009

The one where I can't think of a title :)

I'm so thirsty today. I'm doing my puasa sunat because it's better that starving myself for no reason. At least I may get some "pahala" out of this *insyallah*

Went to One Utama during lunch break... Got my 16x16 cushion and this adorable diamond shape curtain holder. Me likey likey so antique looking :) Wanted to go window-shopping but was too lazy to bother :p

I manage to cover most of my boring wedding stuff/preparation last weekend. Met up with the people in charge with the hall decoration (i.e. pelamin/table etc), went dress hunting with Jessie & finish packing all the boxes in my room (will continue shipping the rest of my junks after the wedding). I also managed to go furniture hunting with my parents *weee* we're getting our bedroom set this week :) Thanks mummy & daddy...

Ooooo and the rest of the wedding favor courtesy of my uncles & aunties have been shipped over to my place. There might be some slight variation to the favor packaging but the content is the same (no favoritism practice here, ok) I have to admit despite driving me crazy most of the time (and refusing to listen to my obsessive colour coding instruction *hahaha*) my relatives are great and very helpful...

Not forgetting OVERLY EMOTIONAL... oh my Mak Ngah was crying non-stop everytime someone mention that I'm moving out, when she start my mum will start and I can imagine the crying session during the nikah day (hahah sekali semua orang tak kisah :p) yelah my mum and my aunties with the exception of my Makchik is so ciwek (translation: crybabies).

Hahahah you think I'm exaggerating? Well imagine crying over the fact that I'm transporting my bantal busuk to Shah Alam *roll eyes* heheheheheh.. My daddy on the other hand is being all "ego" refusing to admit that he's going to MISS his favorite baby girl :p

Oh and I had to accompany Lan to Putrajaya to send of his grandparents who is going to Macca for umrah today. I don't really feel like I fit in (yet!) but knowing me, it will take me a very long time before I can fit in well with any group of people... People always say that I'm sombong, anti-social etc but I just don't blend well with strangers/ people I don't hang out often. I don't really know what to say, and to tell you the truth sometimes the effort is not worth it.

Back to work.... need to finish my report before going on leave next week....

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