Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All About Me!!

Futra tagged me in FB this morning, I think I rather post the entry here than in FB.

15 things You May or May NOT Know About Me....

1. My class is cancelled today because my lecturer is hospitalized "suspected dengue". Fine, I know this is in no way a reason to celebrate, but I'm in one of my "MALAS" mood
Note: Yeah, I know I'm always in a "MALAS" mood but this is so above and beyond NORMAL.. heheheh

2. I (Lan & I) got my dining table yesterday *woohoo* and Lan have assembled it. The hall would probably be a bit "sempit" but we'll make do with it for the time being. We're supposed to go furniture hunting yesterday with my parents but tak sempat, so that would fall under my "to-do list" for next week.

3. I have found a substitute to Starbuck Ice Hazelnut Chocolate in Choc Lounge Fair Lady Frappe. It's RM1 cheaper too... hehehehe

4. I am 80% done clearing my room. I think I'm "emotionally" not ready to move, that is why I'm taking my own sweet time clearing my stuff. I'm gonna missed those days lepaking in front of the TV with daddy watching Gilmore Girls *sigh* this is a completely new entry on its own: p

5. I'm very KIASU. So kiasu that I'm actually thinking of ways to make my HOD choose me to prepare her presentation for a programme in March. Pick me pick me and not that fake pretencious loser with the "mengilai" laugh... hahahah

6. I'm addicted to bags and shoes. I still haven't move my shoes to Lan's place because I'm terrified that he would find out the total extend of my shoe collection and not let me go shoe shopping again :(

7. Totally unrelated to entry 6. I think I need (not want) a new shoe for the reception. My current shoe is 3 inch high with no back straps, based on my history of slipping and spraining my ankle ( 6 major occasion so far) I decided that it's better to be safe than sorry and I should go shoe shopping SOON!!!
Note : If Azlan love me and plans to avoid any major mishap, he should agree to this with no hesitation.

8. I want (not need) a new black structured handbag. I'm loving one from DKNY, MBMJ and Anya Hindmarch. I'm patiently waiting for May so that I can start bag shopping again :)
Note: or maybe Azlan would be so kind to buy one for me for my birthday

9. I'm still in love with BSB and I'm planning to include the song "All I Have to Give" in the Wedding CD to be passed to Pak Cik Wak the DJ/MC... hahahah... Corny but I don't care...

10. I hate Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mawi, CT Nurhaliza etc

11. I don't believe in any political party in Malaysia because I think they are self-serving. One good example : they are so busy fighting for "seats" that they tend to neglect their main objective as an MP :- serve the people you idiots

12. I love BOOKS, I adore BOOKS, I'm ADDICTED to BOOKS and I want a library next to my SHOE ROOM :)

13. I was totally hyperventilating while watching the preview to "The Confession of a Shopaholic" much to my fiancé' disgust. I love Becca and I hope Isla Fisher do her justice.

14. I hate Romeo & Juliet. I don't think it's romantic because ROMEO is on a rebound and they are more in "lust" than in "love".

15. Despite forever fighting, picking fights and refusing to write mushy2 entry about my hubby-to-be I would like to state here in black & white (or whatever colour this font may be) I love my fiancé' to death and I can't wait to get married so that we can further drive each other crazy. Hahahaha

The end

Note 1: I'm tagging anyone who is bored enough to do this :)

Note 2: My chat box is cukcoo and I can't access it so will make the necessary changes when I got the time *muacks*

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MJ said...

far, i hate CT Nurhaliza too. Thank you for not making me feeling alone ....*sigh