Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting Old....

I know I'm supposed to post more pictures of my Hen Night but :-

1) I forgot to upload the pics into my pendrive
2) Lazy to on my laptop last night to upload :p
3) Too tired + sleepy after class
4) Busy doing work (hehehe)

Summary of Events :
  • Saturday night was really fun & crazy.
  • Sunday morning was an enlightening girly2 -heart to heart- session with Ienano, Reebok & Udadi that lasted till 5pm ( Uda and I 10kali nak balik but asyik tangguh...heheh)
  • Sunday night was supposedly romantic : Lan and I celebrated our 3 years anniversary. He gave me the cutest card and I gave him a box of chocolates (He was overly excited because it's FOOD)
  • After that went galivanting in ToysRUs for Yen's Jr baby present. I think I went crazy sekejap over all the toys. I have so many happy memories is ToysRUs Subang Parade that I tend to reenact some of my embarassing kiddy moments :- i.e playing with the drum set, mini keyboard (saje nak tunjuk terror) and BARBIE DOLLS :)
  • Monday tengok TV, had lunch with Lan. I told Lan I was bored so he suggested that I went to this silk store near his office. I bet he totally regret it. I got myself a punjabi shirt and saree. Planning to buat baju kurung + kebaya + 1 sarung (since got 6 metres) Cun gila and I got great discount out of it :) You know, you guys should really check it out. I'm serious!!
  • We also ordered our wedding cake for the reception. 2 tiered, chocolate moist, fondant cake from Hotel UiTM (hahaha UiTM di hatiku) Thanks to my Mak Ngah sebab baik hati nak sponsor :p
  • Sebab saya tak puas hati, I also got myself 2 boxes of cupcakes from SoSweetPlizCupcakes for the solemnization ceremony. To tell you the truth I'm not much of a cupcake eater, I usually buy it because it's so damn cute...

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