Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The one where I'm stuffing my face....

I'm currently eating Chocolate & Cinnamon Churos from Molten Lava (yummy). I know I should exercise some "self control" esp. closer to the wedding but *f**k* it, I need to satisfy my sweet tooth :)

I have a meeting at 3.30pm which I so don't look forward to *urrghh* but work is work lah right :p why brood over stuff you can't control?

I can't decide whether I should take 1/2 day leave tomorrow & Friday for wedding preparations. I'm planning on a romantic gateaway in May (MY BIRTHDAY!! HINT2) so I may need to save my cuti *sigh*

Anyway our bedroom set is coming today, so probably gonna lepak at Lan's place to wait for the delivery man (for your information, Lan's brother is around so no hanky panky going on :p) I'm so excited, now I have more space for new clothes *hahahahah*

I gotto go prepare, I just received a disturbing news that my ex-classmate is having some complications after giving birth to her baby. I hope she's going to be fine :( Let us all pray for her ok...

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