Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do you deal with boredom? I shop :)

I'm on leave today since I wasn't feeling my 100%. Don't really feel like driving all the way to work only to end up having to drive myself home. Anyway I've been advised to reduce my long distance driving alone to limit unnecessary risk. Not that I have so much to do in the office since I've handover all my files to my colleagues.

Anyway I'm getting some indication that labour should be happening in 1-2 weeks *insyallah*
1. Lightening (baby fully engaged) - Not sure coz baby is only 2/3 on his way the last time we check
2. Loss of mucous plug (check) no bloody show yet though
3. More intense and frequent Braxton Hicks (check) another reason why I'm quite wary to drive much coz the pain takes you by surprise sometimes.
4. Lose bowel symptoms and frequent urination (double check)
5. Increase back pain (check)
Results : 4/5 not bad... but early/late EDD does not matter that much to me as long as the baby is healthy :)

I've managed to sort out my "study leave" so that's one less headache. I went home to Klang and managed to clear up whatever last minute errands I have to do. Even though I'm on leave I'm not doing much resting anyway. I guess I'm not the type that can sit still for more than 1 hour unless I'm sleeping :p I just have TO DO something...

While waiting for hubby to come home I went online window shopping. Lo and behold I stumbled upon this cool wrap from Victoria Secret. Very versatile, loving it :) The wrap is on sale and there's an additional 15% on purchases until December 16. I decided to get one in "vibrant red" such a bargain :p

This VS Boucle' Sweater Jacket caught my eyes also. But still contemplating whether I should get one or not. I love this Jade Green one on Miranda Kerr. Very the pretty.

Be still my heart...

Gucci Joy Medium Boston Bag: This baby is also on sale and would be mine if I'm willing to shell out close to 2.5k *sigh* Hubby offered to pay in advance (can't believe my ears when I heard his offer) and I can pay him back once I get my bonus. Tapi rasa macam irresponsible sangat spending money that I don't have (not like I know how much I'll be getting this year) So terlepas lah the offer... Well maybe my rezeki is on other things :p

I guess I'll be blogging more often until my little darling decided to make his entrance ... Not that I have much to do anyway.... See ya later alligator :)


Sha said...

I hate your logic. You convinced me in getting the blue and black. Bad influence mummy. The Boston is yummy better get the one in black though...

Anonymous said...

Girls... J

Bads said...

=) always a fan of the bostons! super lawa that one!! must buy ok, no matter what Lan says! hahahaha..

p.s. i've read metallic trimmings transfers easily to your tangan - one of the reasons i gave up with searching for the gunmetal grey..