Friday, December 11, 2009

My Not So Sooprised Baby Shower :)

With Nicole, Sher, Jean & Kak Yati.

Note the huge crown on my head :)

With Nina & Sher

The other mummy to be. We plan well. One boy & One Girl 3 weeks apart. Emptylah the legal department . From Jan to April 2010...

Eating yummy cuppies....

With all da ladies... the man malu2 kucing... Lawak gila waktu ni, my crown actually fell out the window, thank god ada makcik kat luar tolong ambikkan.

Mr Wong, Ong (yang geram), Mun Yen, Jean, Yohanna & Nina (@ the baby girl table)

And Mr Wong was acting real weird today. He actually took the ballons and knock it on my head and Nicole..pastu dia gelak... since he is the HOD I can't knock him back can I... Another lawak moment...

With Mr Ong. GERAM!!! His fave sentence to me that he will repeat a 100 times a day is "so lucky its a boy ;p"

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