Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to dress a mummy :)

One of the biggest challenges of being a new mother is finding something “appropriate” to wear. You have to think beyond latest style and even your own comfort as you now have a new accessory (i.e. your baby). Preferred tops would be button downs shirts or tops which can easily allow you to breastfeed. Even if you choose to bottle feed your baby, there is the dilemma of choosing something spit/vomit proof (i.e. something that won’t obviously show stain like silk/satin/light colored garments)

You’ll also find out that even though you no longer look like you’re hiding a watermelon in your belly, your body shape have changed. Bulges started spouting from nowhere and putting on your skinny jeans would be a feat resembling one of the “cirque de soleil” routines. Dangling accessories are a no-no especially if you don’t want to end up looking like a snatch thief victim or stuck with a crying baby who finds your new statement necklace too pokey/scary. And seriously people do you think those sky high stiletto is an acceptable shoes especially if you’re toting the precious little prince/princess?

But what a mummy to do? Do you need to give up on your personal style and trendy fashion? Quite a depressing thought especially if you’re a young mother (or someone who is young at heart) I refused to equate motherhood with frumpy flowered blouses and mums jeans. I mean if you choose to wear those garment because YOU like it, is one thing (let nobody dictate your own personal style) but don’t do it because you’re too lazy to make the effort. Don’t think it’s wrong to dress up for your hubby, right?

Don’t blame your lack of effort on that poor little baby. You can look good if you make the effort and I seriously don’t think it’s inappropriate for mummy’s to be fashionable. Some people may say “you shouldn’t wear this..this..this since you’re now a mummy” . Don’t let they tell you what you should and should not do. You should be aware of it yourself. What works for other people may not work on you.

I mean when a 40 year old woman goes out shopping with her teenage daughter in a similar outfit of tube top and mini skirt. Two things will come to my mind. One “You got guts woooomann” and secondly “Her self confident must be on the low side if she needs to compete with her own daughter for attention” but then again she may be very comfortable with her body. Who am I to judge, right?

What brought on this long winded commentary? Nothing much, was just remembering a conversation with my cousin 2 months ago. I visited my aunt’s house in a long sleeve t-shirt buruk and jeans (one of those baggy boyfie jeans) Nothing sexy and in my opinion very sahsiah rupa diri, but my cousin was totally shocked and the first thing she said to me was “Kak Na, you should dress like a mother, jangan pakai baju macam anak dara” I was like “How is a mother supposed to dress like?” She just smiled and looked at my 40 year old aunty. I LOVE my aunty to bits but I don’t think the makcik2 datin labucci type clothing goes with my style.

Hahaha I wonder what Lan would say if I start going out in one of those blousy flowered tops, flowy skirts and tudung with 1000 shiny diamante sewed on them. Sumpah tak mengutuk if that is in fact what you like to wear but that is just ain’t me. I’m sure my hubby would prefer me in something more age appropriate kan? Albeit just in a simple baby-t and jeans. As long as it’s not so over the top sexy or gediks. Whatever it is I don’t want to be mistaken for his mum: p

I love some of this long cardie design and jacket from Topshop latest collection. The ribbons and swirl of colours reminds me of circus and candies :) Me want me want :p

O*Livia Palermo's Style...

She's not very likable from the TV series "The City" but I totally love her sense of style. Her style reminded me of Blair Waldorf's outfits in "Gossip Girl" . A real life Blair perhaps?


najwa said...

i cant comment cuz im not a mother..but 4 me u can dress comfortably as a mother as well as being worries..u'll b ok..btw, luv da cardie as well..

~f@R~ said...

hehehe kau pasti ke aku worried? bosan ah najwa I want that cardie for my bday (all of them) thank you :)

Anonymous said...

OP is so annoying lah