Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Super Saturday (Thanks Juju haha)

Occassion: Zara's 1st Birthday Party
Date: Saturday 24 April 2010

Photo's are taken from Fiena's FB page :)
Pics from my camera is in my FB page.

Ryan doing his muka "geram"
Atuk lah ajar nie. It comes complete with the "eeee" sound

Ryan and daddy :p

Our happy family. I love this photo.

Ryan and his Aunt Jolie

Geram. He loves his hands so much. Jolok2 sampai nak termuntah sometimes.


Anonymous said...

comelnye ryan

Jucci said...

heyy it's saturday la farmila.

nurul sss said...

hye there akak, do drop by my shopblog for some exclusive top! to be updated soon. btw nice blog u have here, n the post about cakes are just yummylicious! :)