Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ryan's Milestones

Salam and Hello...
I'm going to be 4 months old in a week time :) So this are the list of some of my "achievements" :p

I love to scream and shout on top of my lungs, esp if I'm unhappy. When I'm around please ensure that you pay attention to me at all times as I will be sad and start wailing if you don't talk to me :p

I've perfected the disapproval, muka serious look from daddy :p At the same time I've inherited mummy's chatterbox quality. I love talking (excitedly sambil air liur meleleh-leleh) I also love mumbling and will complain if I don't get things my way. Saya juga suka mengamuk (hehehe another inherited trait) but senang dipujuk :)

I can now hold my own bottle for a short period of time. I will let go of the bottle at any time without notice when I had enough or malas :p

I can now grab my own hands, hug my toys, direct toys/baju/etc into my mouth and I LOVE grabbing mummy's hair.

I've also started "mengiring" exclusively this week. Will turn when I want milk from mummy or if I want to smack daddy's face when he is more interested in sleeping than paying attention to me :p I also love to turn around esp. in the buff . I feel so much lighter without my diapers but mummy complain, sebab susah nak change me.
I associate mummy wearing tudung as going "let's go jalan2" so if I see mummy all dress up but she don't pick me up ASAP, please be ready for me to mengamuk.


Sha said...

Ryan sayang... kesian mummy buli Ryan ye??

najwa said...

ryan so hensem..i remember seeing u when u were 5 days old u already can pusing ur body n i was so amazed..ur such a strong n comel baby..n now ur biggie already..oklaa not dat big..tp i mean soon u can chatter non-stop like ur mummy..huhuuhuhuh..cant wait 4 u 2 say auntie najwa not kelwa k..heheheh..luv u ryann..