Monday, April 26, 2010

Material girl in a material world :p

I was watching Ryan play this morning. Despite being surrounded by toys, he insisted on playing with his hands and pillow. No amount of cajoling will change his mind. He’s simply contented lying on the bed doing his own things, without a care for the world.

That is the thing about babies, they are easily pleased. They don’t need expensive toys and designer clothes to make them happy, your love and attention is enough. Too bad most adult (myself included) failed to fully appreciate the lesson they are trying to tell us: - Be thankful for what you have…

The problem with most of us is we are too obsessed with things that we can’t have. We’re always in competition with others for better clothes, car, home etc. Nothing is ever enough. But in the end I always wonder, who wins in this “battle of the stuff”? So you have more stuff, are you happy? Or are you just trying to make up for whatever it is missing in your life that you have to substitute it with bags, shoes etc

The reason why I’m blogging about this is because I find this trend worrying. Some people actually go into debts trying to fit in, some even go as far as doing “unhalal” activities to support their extravagant lifestyle. Lepas tu menunjuk-nunjuk. Ada makna ke? Are you impressed? I feel sorry for them actually.

Do we blame society? Mass media? Friends? Parents etc? I say lets blame ourselves. If we are more thankful and exercise better will power, we will be happier inside and outside. Let’s work towards gaining fulfillment today and for our future

Disclaimer : Am not referring to anyone specific, because as far as I’m concern everyone I know (myself included) have this problem but of course with varying degree. Some people just have better self control and some are lucky enough to have deeper pockets.


sha said...

agree full heartedly

najwa said...

seriously we just had dis conversation dis afternoon..i mean i ngn juju..all of dis is just a trend..u just wanna outdo each other..but 4 me is it worth it? is it by undoing each other u'll feel better or org da public really judged u by the bag u wear? by da shoes u wear? by da clothes u wear? ntahlaa..well definitely im not in dat group..well 4 me if u can afford it y not..but if ur in debt bcuz of it, well 4 me its just offense..

idzerqqy said...


Jucci said...

just what we had last week during our intimacy conversation. haha

this is becoming really parah - just look at our friends : best example.

but it's worst when someone i know is in denial bout all this but deep down side dying to be living this kind of life - no principal at all. mulut lain, hati lain hehe

Ms.WifeY said...

yup!totally agree with u!evrything is like a trend especially when it comes to babies, kalau boleh semua nak yg branded, tp takperla, coz anak kita jugak sometimes it is acceptable..

just that i dont agree if we have to be in debt just to look kaya!mcm aku ni, berhutang untuk keperluan iaitu rumah mmg jadi pokai, haf to cut down a lot on shopping expenses! kalau nasib baik dpt sponsor from hubby or mummy je la :p tp at least puas duit sendiri hbs dkt aset, so skrg aku stakat borog tudung rm10 je la :p hehehe

tp ada org tu kan (hehe the sultan la) she claimed she's not in dat group but juz look at her 'simple' merisik ceremony, terus jd mcm tunang dato siti!!hahahaha no offense ya sultannnnn

Ms.WifeY said...

haha btw, to quote her words "do da public really judged u by the bag u wear? by da shoes u wear? by da clothes u wear?

i guess she's eating her own words coz the first thing sh tegur me last time in uitm "well, is that mng shoes u're wearing? r u wearing gucci parfume??" hahah so materialistic kan :p

saje je aku nak gado dengan si munir ni :p

Jucci said...

tinie rocksss hahahaa

~f@R~ said...

hahah tiba2 post nie terus merujuk to najwa and her secret stash of LV and channel bags...najwa tolong bertaubat... love you rajarajoo...

Anonymous said... for me, i think i have good self control and i have friends yg dun really bother bout these branded goods. what we want is sumthing yg look good be it from brand yg tak pernah kite dgr pon. tp tu la at the end of the day it is up to ourselves gak. tu la pentingnya when we have frens yang dun really bother bout what u wear or anything u own. nak salahkan the parents...tak bole plak. sbb i dun think our parents teach us to wear all the branded goods. thats what i learnt from them laa. lagipon human nature bile tgk org laen pakai kite pun nak pakai gak. tp when we have org2 yg tak kesah, bile kite pakai branded pun org tak pasan. although its for ur own satisfaction, tp kejap je. tak dpt la nak bermegah2. ni pendapat I lah. But then again I baca blog u, u pun selalu je sebut designer bags & shoes. I assume u tak berhutang lah. U memang suka & mampu pakai atau u pakai sebab nak bermegah2 atau berlawan2 dengan kawan2 u?

-ur loyal silent reader-

~f@R~ said...

I guess it is up to a person lah kan. Kalau nak pakai head to toe designer pun, if mampu silakan. Like I said, we should not blame anyone, dah besar panjang pandai fikir sendiri lah kan?

Alhamdullilah buat masa nie, if I need to get anything for myself I tak payah berhutang. Don't even have credit card.If I want something I either save gaji or if nasib baik parents/hubby hadiahkan.Though I selalu sebut bukan semua I pergi belipun right. That is why it is under the post "wishlist"

I tak rasa perlu 4 me nak menunjuk, I tau mana kemampuan I, and I know my close friends accept me the way I am. With or without my designer bags.And kalau dah work hard apa salah nak splurge kan?