Monday, September 20, 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

First Raya @ Klang with my parents, sister and bro in law

Last Raya there's only 2 of us, this year one additional. Taking a picture with Ryan is impossible as he was trying to be everywhere ;p Ni yang paling ok...

Around 11am-ish we went to Jalan Kebun to beraya with Lan's family. Went to Lan's grandparents cemetery and visited some houses.

In the evening we drove to Malacca, where traffic was AWESOME :) Had an awesome melantak session in Merlimau ( My grams is an awesome cook) and we visited my late grandma's house in Ujung Pasir ( The one I mentioned in my previous post, she passed away last month in Ramadhan 2010) and some uncle house. Lan and I drove back to Klang.

3rd Day of Raya drove to Tanjung Malim to visit Lan's grandparents. I had some drama when I left my "raya" clothes at home and was only left with tracksuits and t-shirts. I insisted that Lan drove me to the nearest Kedai Baju Ah-Seng (haha) so that I can get some presentable baju's. Anyway after all the hype, we just stayed home and ended up not going anywhere. Had fun playing with Lan's cousin

4th day of Raya : Mak Sue's Open House. I had the "ciplak" version of Wan's nasi goreng. Other people other than my cousin and I won't "get" the hype but Wan's nasi goreng is a part of our beautiful memory growing up... How I miss my Wan. Hari Raya is just not the same without her around....

Ryan and his Mak Long :)

Open House @ My House : Raya Ke-9
My brother in law was the main chef, Lan did the cleaning ( I call them Labu & Labi haha),
Sis was the Bibik, I prepared the BBQ and played hostess (hence the hair extension and this perasan cun picture :p)

OMG : Facial expression sama ;p But it is establish Ryan has my eyes, nose and hair :)

Ryan with his Atuk Malek and Aunt Syidah

Ryan si Grumpy with his Nyang Jah :)

Acu's Open House : Bersama Cik Nurul :p

At Pak Long's Zainal House, where Ryan drool all over Tristan's walker thingy :p

P/S: Hubby bought a new DSLR Canon EOS 1000D Digital Camera. I'm loving it though it's a bit bulky to lug around :) Since I'm the better photographer in da family (self proclaimed) I'm kinda hogging the camera a bit :p and guess who's my test subject? sape lagi? my little prince charming lah. Will post some of the pics taken during the holiday soon.
PP/S: Next post- Our trip to Aquaria KLCC :)


DyanaBangs said...

Nyang Jah ? kelakar sangat dahh

Sha said...

Selamat Hari Raya Far

Jucci said...

hahaha my ex camera tu! and dun forget our pics in SP k! haha

~f@R~ said...

Nurul: Apa yang kelakarnya mak long ;p

Sha: Thanks

Jucci: ok will upload ASAP :)

Bads said...

Omg! Is that really a walker??!! Soo canggih!