Friday, September 24, 2010

Green Green Grass :)

The perks of having a new place of your own is house decorating. You can choose to paint each room of the house in rainbow colours and no one can say a thing because it is YOUR home :) More power to you *double grin*

But in the words of Spiderman's uncle Ben (issit?) with "Great power comes great responsibility" and my current responsibility is to ensure my 963sq of a lawn would not become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. I have no desire whatsoever to shovel dirt all day (or even 5 minutes for the matter) and Lan as ambitious as he is may not have the necessary tools and manpower (cheap labour i.e. siblings and cousins are not cheap nowadays :p) so we decided to scout for professional gardeners (lawn people as I call them)

Being new to this whole landscaping industry thingy, I naively think that I would be able to get my hands on some grass carpet within reasonable budget (who wants to spend money on grass anyway?) I was in for a shock of my life when the "lawn people" came to give us quotes

Gardener Guy (GG): *Ukur*mummble weed* lalang susah nak mati*net*grade A racun rumpai blah blah
Lan: nodding intelligently
Me: *in my head* cepatlah aku panas ni
GG: ok sebab ini rumput manyak degil and I have to....describe process.... it will cost you around RM3...5555...0000
Me: *perk up* hah? RM350??
GG: *looks at me like I'm crazy* RM3.5K
Me: hah? RM3500 mahalnya... for grass
GG: *haughty face* rumput ini rumput Philippines... manyak bagus
Me: *in my head* I've been to Philippines and I swear to god that the grass there is not much greener than the grass in Malaysia *pun intended :p*

Suffice to say we're still scouting... we've gotten several cheaper quotes but it is still quite high in my opinion... I don't want to sound like a whinny bimbo but its grass? why do I need to spend money on good quality grass. Not like I'm rearing cows that is going to eat those grass kan? hahaha

Anyway I'm bored so I'm making a list of things that I would rather buy if I have that RM3.5K

1. A washing machine, a fridge AND a TV (and it will still be within budget :p)
2. One of those high resolution Plasma TV along with a subscription of Astro Beyond... (haha can go discovery channel and look at green grass)
3. 3 years supply of Ryan's diaper
4. 1 1/2 years supply of baby's formula
5. Gucci Heritage Medium Boston Bag :p (ok this cost more but I can always dream kan?)

Have a good weekend everybody :)


Anonymous said...

Teringat masa i minta quotation upah cat rumah i. dia cakap 16. i cakap hah RM160?? Dia pandai i semacam je...rupa-rupanya RM1600 tidak termasuk cat. cittt. langsung i ambik cuti 3 hari cat sendiri...tapi siap 50% je. hahahaha


~f@R~ said...

haha tunggu Imran besar tlg cat yg 50% lagi.. sekarang ni harga services start semua 4 figure je... nak 2-3 figure kenalah buat sendiri :p