Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The more things change....

The original Section 7 clan minus one boy member

We love playing dress up. Getting ready together is usually more fun than attending the event itself :p

Kami sangat suka to cam-whore. Group pics, self pic, weird and silly pics, scandalous videos (haha bahan peras ugut) you name it, we've made them :p

First one to get married :p

Followed by my wedding :p

Who is next??? heheh

By this time Tinie already have Nia and I was 7 months pregnant with Ryan :)

Even now you can see some changes taking place in comparison to the first photo :p Appearances may change but we're still crazy at heart :p

Then : Ramadhan 2009

Now : Ramadhan 2010 (yes I am now more bulat and gemuk :p)

Recent changes : Tinie is a mother of two, Rinie's second baby is on the way, I have Ryan. The person taking the photo is getting married in December (insyallah)

Iftar with the girls + spouses + one very adorable Ryan Daniel :)

With Farisa, Kel-Wa and Ienanononi

Had so much fun joking around, gossiping and rehashing sims terbakar stories with everyone.

We may have our disagreements and there are times when we may feel like ripping each other hair off, but our friendship always pull through. We've accepted that each of us have our own strength and quirks which spice up our 10 years old friendship but we've been with each other through first love, breakups, family drama, weddings, births, death & losses and hopefully many more happy events. Hope the friendship will survive through 10 more years.Can't wait for Iena's and Najwa's Double Trouble Hen party in November :p


Ms.WifeY said...

omg, im so touched with this entry. nuff said :p

~f@R~ said...


dyana said...

one reminder ; kakna lagi lawa bulat bulat

najwa said...

seriously sweet terbaca ur time flies kan..from excuse me its hillary swank and fast forward its been 10 years kiter still crazy wacko geng..hahahhahaha..i had fun dat day bukak puasa with u girls..mmg best..reminds all of us how young n naive we were n how grown up we r rite now (kononlaa)..but no matter wat..luv u guys so much..wishing u n Lan & chubby cheeks giggly ryan yg chomel a wonderful raya dis year..maaf zahir & batin (aku mmg kena mintak maaf bnyk2 sebab mmg bnyk dosa) n thanks 4 all da pre-wedding/marriage advice..really2 do appreciate it..take care fargu birdy..muacksss!!!!

: Farisa : said...

*all smiles*

Auww. This is so sweet.Don't even know where to begin!

*big sloppy kiss and hugs to my Ferum 7 gang*

haniss said...

oh im so touchedddddd reading this.. u guys r always the best! love love love!