Thursday, September 30, 2010

My 9 Months Old Little Man :)

Ryan has just hit his 9 months mark and he’s getting cheekier with time. He’ll find ways to do the naughtiest things in the cutest ways that will just makes your heart melt. Anyway he’s able to say the syllable “ma-ma”, on top of “abooo” and “goyygoyygoyy” whenever there’s a bottle in his mouth. He likes having “conversation” where he expect replies to whatever nonsense he’s spouting (i.e. pay attention to me though you don’t understand a word I’m saying)

Anyway on top of crawling, Ryan is now able to stand on his feet, supported by whatever furniture he is holding. He can climb on furniture, pillows, rails etc at the speed of lighting; you wonder how something so small can move so fast. We’re training him to walk by holding on his hands from one point to another and limiting his use of walker (other than feeding time) I just bought him a “push walker” to teach him to balance himself.

Gymboree session is even more fun with Ryan so adventurous, happy to try everything. One of the teacher commented that Ryan is very confident as he don’t mind going through tunnels on his own where most babies usually cries. Confident and adventurous is good but very tiring for Lan and I especially if he decide to reenact Indiana Jones at 3 am in the morning. I may complaint but I rather have an inquisitive, bright but active baby than a lazy sluggish one kan?? hehe

Look I can stand :)

*goygoygoy* in his green baju melayu. Handsome :)

He insist on feeding himself....

Aquaria KLCC: More photo's in my lappie, this is a photo of the 3 of us taken from my BB

Home Improvement Project
I'm so excited, the living room tiles has been laid down, tomorrow the contractor will come to tint the windows, grills would be installed next week. We're planning to go "lights" hunting this weekend and hopefully can start with "wiring process" at the end of October.

Why am I talking about Ryan's Birthday in September??
My mummy is planning to have Ryan's bday celebration to coincides with our "doa selamat/sembahyang jemaah ceremony" for the house sometime in December. Errr what happened to the "small family gathering"?? well my parents tends to get a bit overboard when it comes to Ryan. The last I heard was the 3 of them (atuk, nenek and Ryan) whispering at one corner, with words like "small engine car","new bicycle", "weekends at grandma's" and "don't tell mummy" swiming in the air... *sigh*


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