Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Time :)

Thanks to the long break last week, I was itching to go somewhere and not just veg at home for 4 days. Plans to go places outside of Selangor was scraped as I have no intention to face a 4-5 hour of jam with a screaming toddler in the car (I was going for RELAX and not TORTURE :p )

Anyway we decided to got to Morib as it is only an hour away. The place have undergone a huge transformation as compared to how it looked 15 years ago. We arrived at noon so mandi laut was out, so we just decided to have a mini KFC picnic instead

Before and after photos

Since there's not much to do, we camwhored instead :)

Heheheh cuteness

Mummy and Ryan

With Upin courtesy of Nenek. Mummy wanted Ipin tu but the Exora dah overload lah sayang :p

With mak long and pak long

Ryan in his new octo pool :p He had so much fun that he don't want to go out


I had so much fun during the break. I was so sad when it ended, On the downside due to the makan-makan session in Sunway where I had ice cream overload. I am now currently suffering from cough and flu :( Anyway I'm planning on another trip to the zoo (tak puas hati tak jadi pergi last week) or maybe the bird park this week. Hope the weather will cooperate.

The best is yet to come though. I can't wait for our "big trip" next month. I've been wishing and hoping for this particular trip for years and alhamdullilah my wishes came true. Passport is all ready and all that is left to do is prepare pics for our visa :) *excited mode*

p/s: I should post Ryan's passport pic, seriously HILARIOUS :p

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