Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Years and Counting...

I surprised a lot of people, when I told them that I wanted to get married. Even the people who are close to me (my parents included) was a bit taken aback when I made the announcement that I'm ready to tie the knot. Most expected that I'll wait (wait for what pun I dunno)

I remembered Jessie asking me, how do I know that Lan is "the one". I told her I can't list down the reasons but I just knew (haha my reasons don't sound so convincing kan?)

So after 10 months of preparations, thousands of ringgit, countless energy and efforts, loads of tears & tantrums (mostly on my part) Lan and I was pronounced husband and wife, 2 years ago on the 27/02/2009 and here we are still *alhamdullilah*

So Happy Anniversary Mr Husband, May Allah bless our marriage and give you the will to deal with my insanity and bestowed me with enough patience to deal with your "cluelessness" (haha). I love you branches and branches and here's to hoping for many more years of happiness and cute little babies (double haha)

My favourite wedding photo from the album is the one below. I think it best described our relationship. SIMPLE but BEAUTIFUL :) I've been in complicated relationship before, where so much effort was taken to make things work, but when it comes down to it, I realize the reason why I love my husband so much is because he makes EVERYTHING so simple even when I choose to make things complicated :p
We started with so little, taking a huge risk by getting married and within these 2 years our relationship have evolved to a point beyond my recognition. I've been blessed with so much and I believe it is partly due to Lan's love, support and motivation.


Sha said...

Happy anniversery guys!!

Anonymous said...

Teringat kelas Hons dulu. Bila ko tanya aku..yen si lan ni macamana?..aku jawab...kalau ko kapel dengan lan...sah2 lan ni takkan bagi ko masalah, silap2 ko end up kawin dengan dia. Kan betul apa aku cakap. macam ko cakap la..Lan tu simple. Semua cukup...suka la mamat tu. Jom racing sapa dapat anak no.2....aku dah on....hahahahaha.


NDYANAH K . said...

happy anniversary kakna <3

~f@R~ said...

Thanks Sha & Nurul :)

Yen: yes I remembered that conversation. Lawak you ingat kan :p Baby no 2 tu tunggu Ryan dah 2 tahun lah.. tak larat den..