Friday, February 18, 2011

Of Sickness and Doodles

I'm down with a flu bug that just won't go away :( My coughing fits get so crazy sometimes, I need to use the Ventolin Inhaler to ease the cough. So no ice water and mandi tengah malam for the time being. I'll do *almost* anything to make this cough go away.


I'm introducing Ryan to the Alphabets/Numbers/Objects at the moment. Other than using flash cards, posters, books etc I had this brilliant idea (self praise moments) where I'll draw the objects myself on art blocks or plain paper. Simple yet more engaging and with more personal touch. At the same time drawing = creativity as the child would be able to experiment with colours and textures.

Ryan at 14 months is a bit too young to engaged in proper arts and craft activities so I decided that he should start with "DOODLING" i.e. conteng whatever he wants on a paper (or sometimes his face/hands and clothes). I bought him a book of drawing paper and some non-toxic magic pens.

I have to admit that it was a bit of a mistake as the pens are too slender for Ryan's little finger and though the inks are non-toxic it is not washable thus it is very hard to clean the stains. I was considering crayons but was not able to find anything toddler friendly.

Last week as I was walking through Borders stationary section, I stumbled into the Crayola Beginning Arts series. I found these cute baby stampers which fits in the palm of a baby hand. Best ok!! each set consist of 3 stamps (a cow, a chicken and a horse). Ryan love his stamps though he need some help to stamps the objects properly. The series is intended for toddler above 18 months so older kids would find it easier to manage.
Anyway I found out there's another shop in Curve called Tango Mango that sells an extensive Crayola Beginnings line. I think I would get Ryan the doodle or crayon next. It should be easier to use than the stampers. The best part is that the products are not only non-toxic but also washable *yeay*

Once he's more efficient with his Tadoodles maybe daddy can buy Ryan this XXL Doodle Mat :) *wink2*
That's all for now. I can't wait to go home and start my weekend already. Have a good weekend everyone :)


Sha said...

how cute that looks like fun

~f@R~ said...

fun... but very messy too ;)