Friday, April 8, 2011

BaBy ClaSsEs : KiaSu MumS GeN Y :)

*taking a break from umrah post*

Ryan’s Gym.boree(GB) class is ending, and we’re trying to figure out if we should continue with his classes. Ryan has been going for G.B since he was 3 months old, now, he’s up to Stage 3 in play class and he’s in Stage 1 music class.

I love the instructors, classes are interactive equip with great set ups and I think Ryan is able to make a lot of friends there. My only problem is I think Ryan has kind of outgrown the play class. He started early on his Stage 2 so he has been spending every week on the same play gym for the past 8 months. I can’t blame him for being bored.

We have just started on the music class, which pretty much is a dancing class + instrument playing (mostly maracas and tambourine) and a bit of singing (on the mother’s part mostly) Truth be told I find the class a tad boring. We pretty much do the dancing + singing part bit at home every night. On teaching him to play instruments, well after going for 12 years of music classes, I’m more than qualified to teach Ryan myself (or my mum would tell you that :p)

I was told that the art programme is really good but Ryan can only join it in 3 months time when he turns 18 months. So do I reassigned him NOW for the play + music class or do I take him out and later rejoin the art class or find some other center for his classes? But then again ART CLASSES?? I think I got that area more than covered (yes masuk bakul moment)

Decisions…decisions… The fact that I’m LAZY to drive all the way to Bangsar at 8.30am on a Saturday morning is also influencing my decision to not go ahead with GB at the moment and the RM2K yearly fees. Since I’m not impressed with Tum.ble Tots and Kid.Sportz curriculum I think I shall keep on looking for other alternative for the time being.

Maybe I should save the money, buy Ryan the play gyms set which ranges from RM200-RM500, put it in my garden and invite his cousins to come play with him. Hahaha and I will have RM1.5K left to buy shoes.

Anyways I’ve bought him some new books and flashcards for his “classes” at home. We started reading before he goes to bed and before going to school every morning. This morning he made me read the same book twice. And I will be introducing him to the PlayDoh that Imran got him for his birthday *yes finally* (before this takut dia makan haha)

So baby, bye bye Gymbo (at least for da moment) and hello "teacher mummy" and "headmaster daddy" :p

P/S: if you know of any Playgym or toddler classes around Subang, Shah Alam and Klang do drop me a comment ok.

PP/S: I’m thinking of organizing a playgroup for toddlers among friends maybe once a month where both mummy + babies can socialize + main2 for an hour or so. Rasa2 ada yang interested ke nak join? plan je la bila nak buat pun tak sure lagi...


Sha said...

Babies over 25 nak join boleh?

twayblade said...

playdoh tu kalo ryan 'ter'makan pun takpe. it's toxic free, and it tastes really, really salty. so chances are ryan won't like it after the 1st tasting. dont worry.

~f@R~ said...

Sha : cannn... you can be class president huhu

Ida: Hehe noted ..dah bagi main, but mmg I duduk monitor la his every move :p Ryan tu bukan boleh percaya sangat, taste bud dia "adventerous" sikit

farah said...

class music mak long boleh ajar.... setakat nak nyanyi .. mak long dah lama dah praktis ngan ryan lagu ABC n class lagiiiiii lah mak long over qualified nak ajar ryan....upah mak long ..sebulan skali blanja mak long makan besar !!!

~f@R~ said...

haha ur art class? urgghh tak nak nanti Ryan lukis harimau senyum background hitam, pastu aku kena invest EXTRA plak hantar art class betul2 :p

Anonymous said...

Can check out Baby tots / boogie tots in Ambang Botanic Klang.. My 4 yr old son really enjoy the class..

jamie goh said...

i went for the trial play class at gymboree n me n my hubby was not impress at all as he pointed all we can do the same thing at home too :) so we look for child development center that was recommended by my hubby boss's wife
Sri Bangsar Child Development Centre
2, Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

havent check it out yet as they only allow 18 months old n abv to enrol still got 7 months to go :)
maybe u can take a look at it

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think there is a good one at Bandar Botanic Klang call babytots@play. My nephew been attending the class since January and has improved alot in the way he moves and response to music. I brought him to the class few times and the class is very interesting as the program not only involves singing and movement but also sensory play, finger puppets, story telling... Besides, they have about over 10 types of percussive instruments for the babies and tots to explore. I would say the program will never make you and your child feel bored. Besides, as was told by my sister that they change the theme every 2 months, if not mistaken my nephew is doing the Animals Boogie Theme now where they learn all about animals. The class is 1 hour with 15minutes free play where children can interact with others and play with toys, ball pool, slide.. and mum can chat and make friends. The fee is very reasonable only RM120/month
Currently they also have Art and craft playgroups for age 2 to 4, according to my sis my nephew love it so much.

cherl said...
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cherl said...

hello, this is farah (ur hubby ex-classmate in uitm)@faerah'elder sis...juz to let u know,im currently sending my 23 months old son at Sri Bangsar Child Development Centre, Bangsar. Both me and husband are actually working in Putrajaya, but we are comfortable and happy to send our child there..All kids and teachers are communicating in English (even my son can pronouns "L" english version better than me)..the fees are lower than GB, but try to have a look...if u ask me, i like that place..

Ibu Emir said...

hi, i have been sending my son to sri bangsar for nearly to five years and honestly, i really love the kindergarten. the environment, the teachers.. you will love it.. trust me despite that it is not as famous as GB..

Anonymous said...

I saw one of your paragraph mentioned flashcards. How do you do that with your kids?
Do you send your kids to right brain class?

~f@R~ said...

Hi Anon, Urmmm nope we just flashed the cards in front of the children reading the words out loud real fast. Mostly so that they can associate the words with the pictures and in time they might also start recognizing the words. Repetition works wonders with little children