Thursday, April 14, 2011

Umrah Trip (Final)

Ok my final Umrah post. This post is mostly on how an Umrah is perform :) When you go for your Umrah trip, you can actually perform your umrah more than once. Some people even managed to perform their umrah 3 times a day (such dedication and determination).

To me umrah is a very physical form of ibadah, as compared to prayers, fasting and zakat etc which I think is more spiritual in nature.You have to be mentally strong as well, having to brace the throngs of people, hot sun, etc. At the end of the day you'll learn one very important lesson which is PATIENCE

But now I understood why my parents was telling my sister and I to perform our haj as soon as we can. I guess they have a very good point, when you're younger the "rukuns" is physically easier for you to perform.

For example, on the day when we didn't bring Ryan along, we managed to finish our tawaf and saie within 1 1/2 hours. The older jemaah sometimes take close to 3-4 hours to finish the same course ( I know it is not a competition about who can finish first, I'm just making a comparison that when you are younger, tawaf/saie wouldn't be so challenging)

*Insyallah* once dah cukup duit we'll go ok, hubby :) Neways, there is 5 things that you need to do to complete your umrah:-

First: You have to Niat Umrah at a designated place (they called it Miqat) and the place has to be out of Tanah Haram (out of Mecca). You have to be in your ihram at this point (guys in white sheets and women in any attire covering aurat- though it is sunnat to wear white)The nearest place is in Masjid Tanaim (about 7 km away). You can reach there by taxi or vans.

Second: You have to complete 7 rounds of tawaf around kaabah. You can do it continuously or you can stop after each round (all depends on your capability) after finishing your tawaf you are to perform sembahyang sunnah preferable in front of Hijr Ismail.

Third: Saie. You have to make walk around Safa and Marwaa' Hills 7 times. Again do it at your own pace while reading the designated doa.

Fourth: Tahallul. Jemaah must cut a bit of their hair to complete your umrah (some guys will shave all their hair off) and after that you'll be out of Ihram

Fifth: You must do everything in order.

Lan and Ryan in their ihram

@Tanaim mosque

Tawaf around Kaabah

Safa' & Marwaa' Hills- Saie

*Alhamdullilah* Finally done with sharing all of our experience in Mecca and Madinah. *insyaallah* panjang umur and with opportunity would LOVE to visit again :)

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