Thursday, April 7, 2011

Umrah Trip (Part 2)

On the 21 March 2011 we travelled from Madinah to Mekah. We did our miqat and Niat Umrah at Bir Ali Mosque. The trip was a bit "challenging". The bus driver took the wrong turn and a 2 hour bus ride turn into a 5 hours ride instead. Ryan who was not feeling well, was shivering in the bus and refuses to sleep as it wasn't comfortable. He was in a very bad mood.

We reached Mecca around 2 am (7 am Malaysian time), as we're already in our "ihram" we decided to go ahead and finish our Umrah once we stepped down the bus. Everyone was a bit tired and cranky at that moment but we pushed on.

I swear to Allah upon seeing Kaabah for the first time, all the exhaustion totally left my body. I seriously can't take my eyes off this beutiful structure in front of me. To think that all the great Prophets i.e. Nabi Ibrahim a.s, Nabi Ismail a.s and Nabi Muhammad s.a.w stood on the same grounds before, made me feel totally insignificant. Rasa nak nangis pun ada.

We perform our umrah and managed to complete it before the subuh prayers (around 5am), later we went back to the hotel and sleep. By 12pm (Zuhur prayers) I can see that Ryan is not doing to well. Lack of rest due to all the travel the night before set in, high temperature, wheezing, coughing all in a package.

I was scared as we're in a foreign country, with no real access to paediatrician and clinics. Alhamdullilah I had all of Ryan's medication with me, and we had this really nice Wak (the tour caterer) to drive us to the clinic's the very next day. My doa' was answered and Ryan got better almost instantaneously with the help of antibiotics and non-stop prayers :) Well you know what they say about "wishes" made in front of Kaaba' *insyallah* it would be granted. You just got to have faith :)

The shops are right outside our hotel. CRAZY ok :p

27 March 2011- Ziarah around Mecca

First place of visit : Jabal Tsur where Gua Hira' is situated.

As we all know, Gua Hira' is the place where our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W received his first relevation

Ryan just woke up, saw the camel and is in awe...

Somewhere out there, The hills to the cave is too steeped so we didn't go up. Jabar Rahmah in Arafah. The place where Adam and Eve met after Allah punished them to 300 years of separation for eating the forbidden fruit. They say if you're finding for your jodoh, go up here and doa' for your prince/princess charming :p insyallah you will find him/her soon after. More camels, and Ryan geram and actually pegang one ;p
Masjid Jarannah- where we Miqat for my 4th Umrah

In front of the front entrance of Masjidil Haram

With zee family...

Our 40 Riyal Burger King. Food are very expensive in Saudi. Tapi sapa suruh mengada nak makan, right??

Al- Bait Tower/ Shopping Mall. There's some cool shopping place. Didn't really shop much here as I'm more attracted to the street bazaar. But I love the shoes in Payless (crazy selection) and they have nice clothes in this boutique called Femi9/NEXT etc

The tower clock face would be white in the day

and would turn green at night :)

Cold and windy nights in Mecca,This was taken after our Tawaf Sunat around 9pm. Ryan social kat Mecca balik hotel late almost every night :p

28 March 2010

Ladang Unta/Camel Farm

There's some camel roaming around and you can get some fresh camel milk *yucks* Suffice to say I didn't bother trying.

Anyway, i know he's my son and all but he looks so cute lah in the picture *hahah* Mr Rosy Cheeks :p

The remains of the old Hudaibiah Mosque, where the Hudaibiah Agreement between the Muslims and Quraish Mecca was signed. The agreement was to discuss Muslims entry into Mecca to perform their haj yearly.

My sis in law goofing around

Lan and Atirah (sibling no 5)

Our Last day in Mecca.

Coming Soon: Last post on our Umrah Trip :)

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