Monday, June 13, 2011

Can't say I'm happy...

First it was the rise of the RON 97 petrol. The rationale was if you can afford expensive and luxury car you don’t deserve to be subsidize by the government ( quite a rationale point though a lot of people driving cheap national cars was using RON97 as it is better in the long run but let’s disregard the point).

Then there were rumors that the price of RON 95 will increase, however after much grubmlings the “assessment” was set back to a later date in respect of the rakyat’s wishes or whatever. Yeay!! Everyone is happy but not for long because ironically another announcement soon came a few weeks after that, the electricity tariff would be raised. Bonus points?? If your bill is no more than RM77 you won’t be affected AT ALL (they did these interviews and all to show that MOST people won’t even feel the pinch. Ooookayy)

2 weeks later they increase the price of Diesel, most people don’t even squeak as these would probably just affect lorry drivers/manufacturer etc. Whatever, right? Government went all out with these announcements stating that they vouched that the rakyat’s won’t be burdened by price hikes..blah..blah..blah.. and now I heard ASTRO is planning on a repackaging and there might be a SLIGHT increase of prices starting next month.

Other than that Ryan’s school fees has increased by RM50, which make sense as the rooms are fully air-conditioned and they prepare the kids food themselves (aircond= electricity and food prices= raise in diesel=raise in transportation fees). The price of his milk have also increased from RM39 (650g) to RM42 (same rationale as above)

There seems to be a lot of “new menu” being introduced in restaurants lately. Some offers “cheaper set options” but if you look at the portion it is half of what it should be. I know for a fact that TG.IF has increased the price of its drinks and some of its individual’s dishes (but the portion is sadly smaller :() Eat at cheaper eateries? Well I went to one of my favorite cheap and cheerful kedai nasi campur on Friday and trust me; I’m paying at least RM2 more than 2 months ago.

I know someone is going to suggest that I should cook and eat more at home, well check out your local groceries shop/pasar (I’m not talking Cold Storage here but SSW Pasar Borong Sg Udang standard) the price of fresh chilies, garlic, vegetables have all risen. Bring RM50 to the store and see how much raw food item you can bring back home.

There’s no point in complaining I know. We should practice “perbelanjaan berkhemah” and “jangan membazir” etc. I know my family and I are not going to go hungry anytime soon (insyallah) and we even have the little “extras” for fun stuff like toys, entertainment, vacations etc (alhamdullilah) but the rising prices do impact us the middle class families on some level. Simple math lah kan, when prices of things goes up but your salary stays the same = less “worms” to take home to the chickies lah kan?

So dear PM, The economy is affecting us the 1.Malay.sia low and middle income families: p acknowledge it and do something about it. Don’t pretend that everything is all fluff. Thank you!!


Sha said...

So no more shopping spree?

~f@R~ said...

Hahaha boleh still but in moderation lah :p