Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The worst kept SECRET (Part 2)

This is a bit of a déjà vu. Feels like yesterday when I made the same announcement via blog: p

Guess what people. I’m 3 months pregnant *alhamdullilah*Anyway the pregnancy came as a huge surprised to me and Lan. Wasn’t expecting it at all but we’re excited nevertheless.

I found out when I was about 3 weeks into the pregnancy. I had the same feeling as when I was pregnant with Ryan. The overeating, crazy mood swings, that “I just know I’m pregnant” feeling. So a few days before my period is due, I decided to take the test and it was positive.

I was shocked and a bit numb. “Is it too fast?” “Will we be able to cope?” “What’s going to happen to Ryan?” – All this thoughts went through my mind. I was in a daze for a few hours but in the end I pulled myself together went home and told Lan. My husband was over the moon with the news of course. After discussing with Lan on our future, I felt so much better and started making plans for the new nursery: p (haha such a short attention span)

But I guess the “surprise” is not over yet. 6 weeks into the pregnancy I had to go for another checkup for a reconfirmation (as the first scan was done at 3 weeks, too early to determine things) imagine our surprise when we saw this in the ultrasound machine…

Yes people. There’s two sacs, which indicates FRATERNAL TWINS (as opposed to identical: p) Masyallah, I can’t describe my feeling when I found out. Lan and I got all giggly. We’re beyond shock, excited, happy and nervous.

There’s no direct history of twins in both family so the babies is a bit of a “miracle” to us: p there’s of course a lot of theories on how the twins was created but instead of going through all the scientific and medical notes I’ve gathered, the simplest and precise answer is, we got the babies due to Allah’s will. Fullstop. Alhamdullilah we’re blessed.

Anyway, we brought in the big guns last week. We went to SJMC to seek Dr De.Laila advice. Gosh was she excited. Saw the babies’ heartbeat, the skull and backbone has formed, you can see the babies twirling and waving. They are so much more active as compared to Ryan when he’s at the same age: p Tapi they are so tiny. Adorable just like me (haha)

The biggest hurdle during my first trimester was flu and infection. I was sick for 2 whole week. Nose was dripping non-stop, coughing and there’s so much phlegm that I can’t even eat properly without wanting to vomit (TMI,haha) Lost 3 kgs in the process. Doc said I needed rest so was on MC last week.

I’m feeling so much better. Other than the flu, Alhamdullilah the pregnancy has been good to me so far. No major morning sickness etc. I do get tired more easily. Well carrying 2 babies will do that to you I guess. Hubby is trying to get me to take it easy. But you know me, always on the go and can’t sit still :p

As for Ryan’s reaction…. I showed him a picture of the babies ultrasound referring them as “Upin and Ipin” after his favorite twin cartoon character, and asked if the babies can borrow his toys when they arrive. His reply?? “NO!” while vigorously shaking his head. Oh well!!!


twayblade said...

CONGRATSSSSSSSSSS!!!! twins yeah, no joke. pandai lan kahkahkah.

hey, imran pun sama. whenever i mentioned "ni adik punya" he will quickly and very garang-ly said "butan, iyan nyer!" sambil buat muka cengih yg tak berapa nak menjadi.

sampaikan baju newborn dia dulu pun nak berkira. bukan muat pun. adoi la.

Zaira Abd Razak said...

tahniah & welcome to d club (once again). But akak totally jeles sbb awak dapat twin!! 2 kali dlm labor room dah dapat 3!!!

Don't worry, i felt the same masa mengandungkan Iris. Risau macam mana Illysha punya reaction bila tahu dia akan ada adik, risau macam mana nak handle Illysha n new baby.

But alhamdulillah. Keep mentioned to Illysha yg dalam perut tu ada adik.(minta dia selalu cium perut) & sampai sekarang nampak dia cukup sayang adik dia!!

Sekali lagi.. TAHNIAH!!!

Miss NottyloyeR said...

congrats far!!! soo luckkkyyyy dapat twinss!!!! happy for u.. take extra good care of urself then yaaa...

~f@R~ said...

Ida: thanks :) hehe since its fraternal twins pandai I kot dr lan (haha j/k)Nanti Ryan bila dah besar sikit mcm Imran pun mesti bertambah possessive, cousin dtg rumah main toys dia pun dia dah pandai jeling :p

Kak Ira: Thanks for the wish, now dah start slow talk with him abt the babies :p kesian kan sbb now he has to compete with 2 adiks instead of one. Tapi insyallah nanti dia will faham/sayang adik dia mcm illysha sayang iris :)

~f@R~ said...

Fara: thanks dear :)hehe yeap so excited gonna get twins *insyallah*

farah said...

Don't worry , nanti mak long ajar ryan camne nak jadi abang long... barang ryan..ryan punya....barang adik pun ryan punya...kalau adik2 ambik barang ryan.... kita ketuk kepala adik ngan botol susu !!! yey !! (opss terlebih sudah..hahaha)

idzerqqy said...

congrats far! me want twins tooo!! malasnye nak branak byk kali...skali preggers kuar 2 ke 3 ker hehehe! congrats once again!

~f@R~ said...

Along: ajaran sesat ok. babies melalak nanti kau jaga..

Idza: Thanks :)

farah said...

ehhh apa lak.... aku cop jaga ryan..aku nak stokkan cd elmo, upin ipin , cars n yang sewaktu dengannya...plus letak cookie jar in my room....tgk movie , makan cookies... ryan sure senyap punya lah.. heheheh

Izyan Darling said...

congratulations on the double happiness, Far! bestnya dapat twins!! rezeki betul lah. take care yeah?

prettybabybump said...


Just blog walking and saw your blog! Congratulations and do take care! All the best! =)