Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On No 2 & 3 :)

I’m going into my 15 weeks of pregnancy and Alhamdullilah everything is going well. As of now my pregnancy symptoms consist of:-

• No major morning sickness (which is a total bliss as twins pregnancy usually results in double pregnancy syndromes due to the higher level of hormones productions)
• Some backpain/Minor headache: My once a month pregnancy massages do provide some relieve since I’m not allowed painkillers and medicated ointment.
• Little weight gain/ not much appetite: Well I have the same problem with Ryan, so am not worried. We’ll see what the doc has to say about this next week. Anyway though my weight is the same, my tummy is already expanding. So I take that as a good sign *insyallah*
• Major exhaustion: I get tired more easily, I guess it is expected since I’m carrying two babies instead of one + taking care of a very active toddler + housework. I’m letting go some of my chores to hubby (thanks for helping, sayang) though I do sometimes get annoyed when things are not done my way that I end up redoing it again (control issues haha)

As for pregnancy care, I’m just doing the usual: eating pre-natal vitamins & folic acids, drinking copious amount of air zam-zam, I have 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones since I can’t stomach big meals, and though I try to relax more I do limit unnecessary naps+ sitting on my ass for too long (sluggishness is not good for a pregnant body).

Lan and I managed to score some cheap baby stuff at the Peddypeck Warehouse sales in Pandamaran last week. I malas nak beli but my mum was on my case on getting baby stuff. Trust me if it was up to her the whole nursery would already be furnished despite not knowing the babies gender. So to pacify her we bought a play cot for my mum’s place, a Fisher price rocker, some swaddling blanket and pillows. I drew the line on clothes though since I want my babies to be dress in gender appropriate clothes.

As for gender preference, I know Lan wanted more boys because he’s afraid of having a (2) mini Far running around (haha) as for me I seriously, honest to god has no preference especially after reading all the complications that is usually associated with twins delivery. As long as I gave birth to healthy babies, I’m thankful to Allah :) Looking at the bright side, two more boys means I’ll get back to my pre-pregnancy weight faster, if they are both girls I’ll get new shopping buddies (like I need more reason to shop haha) and if I get a boy & a girl even the better :p

As usual closer to my check up date, I tend to feel more anxious, especially since my check-up date has been reschedule later due to doctor unavailability. It would be real cool if I can buy that ultrasound machine and look at the little darlings every day.

Anyway I think hubby is feeling a bit left out yesterday, as a part of a new routine to ease in the arrival of twinnies, every night before bed I will tell Ryan “I love you baby and I love you first”. I’ve been doing it for a week but yesterday was the first time I said it in front of Lan. He was like “apahal, how about me?” I wanted to laugh but he looked so serious. So I said “Of course I love YOU first dummy, but I’m referring to the siblings, would be weird if I go I love you second, third and last kan” He just made a face..



Bads said...

hahaha i love you last?! that's funny!

~f@R~ said...

the youngest baby is gonna have "issues", i tell ya :p