Friday, July 1, 2011

One Roaring Nursery...

Feels just like yesterday when I was planning Ryan's nursery and now it is time to set up a room for the twins :)

We're still in planning stages, but we've (or mainly ME) started with preparing the budget/researching themes and scouting for furniture/decorations. However, this time around we're going on a smaller scale because we've realised after going all out in decorating Ryan's room, that the babies won't be spending much time in their own room for the next few years :p

I think I spend more time in Ryan's room than he does (haha) he sleeps with us and he prefer his play area downstairs than going up to his room. So in the name of practicality we've decided to transform the guest room downstairs into a "mini nursery".

When you're expecting twins, the first thing you have to consider is mobility. I guess carting 2 babies up and down during the day for naps/nappy change is not as practical as it is with a singleton. The room is near to the kitchen (for feeding), toilet (for nappy change/baths) living room (for mummy and daddy to watch TV when babies taking their nap :p) and near but does not in any way encroached on Abang Ryan's play/nap area (thou shall not DISRUPT the little prince routine in any way : babies or no babies :p )

We have not discovered the babies gender yet, but I'm leaning heavily towards a "Safari" theme nursery for the following reasons :-

  • We already have animal theme rockers + mobile + art deco

  • It is gender neutral - boys + girls can relate to animals and Ryan would be able to enjoy it even if his sibling turn out to be girls

  • One of the easiest theme to pull off

    Some of my fave designs

    1. I'm in love with this Twins Decal : which you can easily print and frame yourself :)

      White furnitures. What's not to Love love love...

      I love the colour combination of green + yellow, green + pink, Green+ cream

      It is to early to decide, and I would probably change my mind but me kinda like the idea for the moment :)


      Zaira Abd Razak said...

      mari kita sama-sama pecah kepala nak decorate!!

      Far decorate bilik, akak nak decorate umah!!

      ~f@R~ said...

      Congrats and good luck kak ira dealing with renovation and house deco. That's a headache :p tapi best...