Friday, July 29, 2011

Of Buah Hati Pengarang Jantung Mummy :)

My baby munchkins is 19 weeks old today. Next week they’ll turn 20 weeks old (5 months) Alhamdullilah, we’re ½ way there.

Lan and I went to see Dr. De.Laila for our monthly checkup. Lan went straight from his office to register for me. He’s there by 1.50pm but we’re still lucky No14. The wait was kerazzyyy, Thank god Lan went to register first, because I only reached SDMC at 3.00pm. Finally, at around 5pm we managed to see the doctor.

It was worth the wait :) When doc came in she asked me how I was feeling, I told her that I feel great and she laughed and said “How I wish everyone coming in here feels that way”. Anyway my blood pressure, urine test, blood test etc is good. The baby scans were fine; Baby A has already turned to the right direction (head down) while Baby B is in a horizontal position. Doc said it is too early to worry as there’s plenty of time for them to turn.

I realized something, despite being twins; the babies have different personalities even in the womb. :p Baby A who’s also older by 2 days (measurement wise) is more active and outgoing than Baby B who’s mellower. Baby B is also more “pemalu” and because of the position it is harder to determine the sex. So as I’m typing this, I still have not found out the sexes of both babies yet. Hopefully I’ll find out during the detailed scan next month *insyallah*

I’m going into my 20 weeks and I’ve only gained *drum roll* 1.5kg. Crazy especially since I’m carrying twins, but both my munchkins is around 290grams which is the average weight for their age, my doctor is happy with my weight gained much to my surprised.

Her explanation is when you’re pregnant your metabolism rate doubles and the rate is even higher when you’re carrying multiples, that is why it is harder to gain weight. As long as I gain an average of 2-3 kg once I’m into my 24 month. She also reminded me just because I’m carrying double doesn’t mean that I should gain double the weigh (hahaha) so I should aim for 15kgs min (ideal) and 20kgs max.

I’m also more energetic now that I’m into my 2nd trimester :) I’m not as tired as I was last month. Siap rajin masak nasi ayam and serawa durian for the whole family last week.

This week rasa nak ajak hubby pergi jalan-jalan tengok barang baby. Since twins are usually delivered earlier at 37/38 weeks and the double load may not be as easy to carry around by the time I’m 7-8 months pregnant, we figured we better start baby shopping a bit earlier this time around.

A lil update on my biggie boy :)

Yesterday, due to the Ma.laysia vs Sing.apore game, the three of us turn in a bit early and lepak in the master bedroom to watch the game. The TV was blaring and we laid down the comforter so that Lan can lepak in front of the tv (konon feel la lagi dekat dgn padang haha) My son thought it was “party time” since mummy and daddy let him play outside his cot despite it being his bedtime. He went to the TV cabinet, picked his favorite “dat gum” DVD (i.e. Mater from Cars compilation DVD) and asked me to on the VCR. (siap ambikkan remote ok).

I told him “Sorry Ryan, not today. Today is daddy’s turn to watch the TV and he wants to watch football. We have to share so you can’t watch that now ok” He tried his luck again with his big brown eyes wide open “Mie, dat gum”. Trying to be firm, I told him “No baby, maybe tomorrow morning, now is time for bed, esok nak school, please put the CD back dekat rack” with muka disappointed he walked and put the DVD back and went to sleep.

This morning, he woke up a bit earlier. He did something that he NEVER did before, he opened his eyes, looked at me and gave my sleeve a tug “Mie..Mie.. tu tu” pointing at the TV. I was a bit confused at first when he continued “Dat gum Dat gum k” while jumping up and down the bed. Ya Allah, he remembered my promise to him last night. Lan and I just looked at each other a bit shocked but since I promised, I grudgingly allowed him to watch the DVD before school. Lesson learned?? Next time I better be more mindful of the things I promise junior hehe :)

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