Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr Cheeky Cheeks

Ryan turns 19 months yesterday and everyday he does not fail to bring a smile to my face :) Lately he's been on his big boy routine :-

1.Ryan will wake up, slide down the bed and "tawaf" around the room, rearranging my lotions, hair gels etc. Later he will go to his "corner" to do his big business (he still won't use the potty to do No2. No1 ok pulak) when done, will tarik tangan daddy to the toilet. Once he is in the toilet, he will ask for his toothbrush and gosok gigi while one of us clean his up. Bila dah siap, will ajak daddy go down and wait for mummy to hand his morning snack of "cookie" or bread.

2. Once he reached his "school", he will insist on walking in himself carrying his own bag. When he reached the porch, he will turn to mummy/daddy, salam cium tangan and say "tata mie/die" and walked in without a backward glance. I rarely send him to school but the first time he did that to me, serious rasa "touched" and a bit "sad". Gosh, he's so independent :p

3.Balik from school if he's with atuk and nenek, memang jadi "raja" la. Nenek will feed him dinner and will spend 1/2 hour watching Upin and Ipin before continuing his "baby kecik" act with his grandparents until going home time :p

4. His routine with Lan and I is a bit different. Once dinner is ready, we will sit at the dinner table together and the little prince will feed himself (actually he INSIST on it), later is clean up time with daddy. He will scuttle to the bathroom, trying to take off his shirt AND pants when daddy says the magic word "Ryan jom pergi TOILET".

Once he's all dress and ready for bed, the little boss will DEMAND that we go upstairs. First he will come to me and say "jom", when I say "wait" he will pull his daddy to the direction of the stairs. If both of us are moving too slowly to his liking, he will walk directly to the tv and switch it off himself and declare "dah-jom". This will usually take place around 8.15-8.30pm :p (bossy kan? ikut perangai sapa lah tu)

5. Once we're in the room, he'll lepak on my bed, baca doa, play around a bit more and either fall asleep next to me and later be carried to his cot or he will insist to be put in his bed from the start.

Next day : Repeat routine :)


farah said...

dak mok kecik mak long nie memang lah sangat comel n well behave...except bila dengan atuk n nenek....where his level of mengada2..masya allah...tuhan jer lah tau... minggu nie kita dating tengok cars lagi ok !!!!

~f@R~ said...

Yes dak mok memang over bila dgn ngan atuk and nenek.. haritu dia gaduh ngan aku mintak Koko krunch at 8pm, aku kata xleh dia buat muka sedih kat mama sampai mama bagi.. sungguh geje please...