Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Of Dinner, Friends & Cleanliness

I threw a small dinner party last Friday for Jessie and Cath. Technically, it was to celebrate Jessie’s wedding registration 2 weeks ago and to catch up with Cath who is back in Malaysia to attend her cousin’s wedding.

It was a bit of headache trying to decide on the menu because I wanted something simple but not too “blah”. With much help (in giving unwanted advices haha) from Lan, I decided on Roast Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Garden Salad, Potato PomPoms and ice cream. Jessie offered to get dessert so one less headache.

Anyway everything went smoothly, We managed make the house look presentable and get the food on the table on time. Ryan was on his best “host” behavior. He walked around the house being “cute” and showing off his toys to Cath and Jessie (tapi kedekut, tak nak bagi orang main haha). Ok-la he tak kacau his mummy and the aunts gossip :)

I had fun catching up, gossiping about people, meluahkan perasaan etc. Though we rarely see each other we talked as if no time has passed at all, I guess when you’ve been friends with someone so long the bond is a bit different.

I felt kinda bad that I’m not able to help much which Jessie’s reception in August other than to give opinions/suggestions/advices. I can’t be there helping her like she did during my wedding (this girl took 3 days leave to help me b4 my reception, awesome, huh?). At the same time, I’m also not able to attend another important event of a very close friend held at the end of this month (sorry can’t mentioned name and occasion at the moment)

I feel horrible because these 2 people are very important to me. They are usually there to share happy occasion and hold my hand when I’m down, so it’s a bit of a bummer that I can’t do the same for them, due to leave constraint, family obligations and current pregnancy condition. Hate using all these reasons, but believe me, this is no EXCUSE and I will make it up to both of you, somehow huhuhu (yes, aku romantic kan :p)

I guess, I don’t believe in “quantity” when it comes to close friends, I go for “quality” and the one that I have, I cherish. Friends to gossip are easy to get, but friends who are sincere and able to share both your joy and sadness are almost impossible to find.

On cleanliness 2.0
Malas want to comment on the whole Ber.Sih 2.0 on Saturday, since I’m neither a supporter nor an objector. I only have one bone to pick. To those people who brought their underage kids (18 and below) to the rally, you are such an irresponsible lot. I respect your belief in the cause, but why drag your child along?

Do you think trying to educate them by “letting them see what kind of country they are living in” is really a good argument? Education can be done in 1000 different ways; you can show them youtube videos, online articles etc if you’re that hell bend in educating them.

Don’t drag them to rallies where they would be sprayed with water cannons, bombarded with tear gas, be pushed and shoved. Shit happens all the time, even in control environment, so if you bring them in the middle of mayhem and god forbid, a toddler fell from your grasp and is trampled on. Who do you blame?? The police? The government?

You knew what you’re going into, these poor kids DON’T even if they are 15 and above and able to think for themselves. Kalau dah patah tangan, takleh ambik exam, patah kaki takleh go to school, what exactly do you expect to gain out of it? Bodoh.

To those yang bawak toddlers, Child Welfare should take the kids away from you because you are plain IRRESPONSIBLE. If takde orang nak babysit, STAY AT HOME. Family SAFETY should always come first; Children are a gift from Allah. They are your RESPONSIBILITY and you should keep them SAFE!! Conclusion? Don’t be a bongok and please leave your kids at home the next time you choose to attend a rally.

Sekian, Terima Kasih!

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