Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My little buns in the oven...

I need a break from Rules ammendments & SPMS

For some reason the nearer I am to my EDD, more work seem to be piling in. Not that I mind, it’s a good distraction especially on the days when my heartburn is really acting up. With the babies growing at an incredible rate of 1.4kg and 1.6 kg respectively @32 weeks and nearing the expected growth spurt during the 32-36 weeks span I bet it will only become worst.

Ironically, the medicine that is helping me control my contraction is also the culprit that is aggravating the heartburn. Oh well, some sacrifice on my part in order to ensure that the little munchkins can bake longer in the oven. No more midnight snacks,overly spicy food and chocolaty stuff for the time being.Trust me projectile vomiting in the middle of the night is no fun *TMI* hehe

Anyway,since 60% of twins are born premature (according to babycenter) I choose to plan things on a weekly basis unlike with Ryan where the aim was just to give birth after 37 weeks.First I aim to carry the twin up to 28 weeks, and then 30 etc.

Alhamdullilah we have passed the 32 weeks mark and next week the babies will be 34 weeks old *insyallah* and hopefully they’ll cruise pass 36 weeks + be over 2kg and not have to spend time in the hospital after birth. I’m sure the babies will cooperate with mummy, right :)

My cutey babies have moved from their transverse (lying position) position into being breach (heads up legs down) Doc is still kinda positive that they have plenty of time to turn in 4 weeks time, so I will only know the verdict whether I’ll be going for normal/C-section when I reach 36 weeks.

Other than heartburn and the normal 3rd trimester discomforts, everything have been going very well so far. Preparations is 95% done, we just need to wash the babies clothing and prepare the hospital bag this week and move some stuff to my parents house in preparation of confinement.

So that’s a little baby’s update from da mama. Anyway, pray that my SPMS goes well tomorrow *insyallah*


Mami Illysha & Iris said...

Doakan yang terbaik untuk Far & twin..

~f@R~ said...

Thanks Kak Ira :)

Sha said...

So SPMS - 10 months bonus??