Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Iman & Ranya's Aqiqah Ceremony

Finally, the pictures from Iman and Ranya Aqiqah is up.

Alhamdullilah everything went well during the ceremony.I have my family esp. my parents to thank for that. I had a lot of help from my sister and in laws too. At one point I was tearing my hair because I felt a bit overwhelmed with the preparations. I wanted everything to be perfect and insisted on DIY the decorations + preparing desserts and I wanted to do everything on MY OWN. On top of taking care of the kids, cleaning the house that was left for a month during my confinement, I admitted I went a bit (lots) crazy in the end but I think I did ok with the execution :p even my wrongly made chocolate tarts turned out so good that I received orders haha...

The dessert bar :) 2 tier Tiara cake from Nadibakes (gorgeous flavor : Vanilla blueberry and cookiesNcream, Vanilla cuppies from Lan's Uncle Atan, Chocolate Toffee Tarts, Gula Melaka Longan Jelly and Jelly Sirap by Chef Far ;p mini muffins, and loadsa jajans. Decorations are by ME!!

Food was awesome: We ordered Nasi Briyani and the works from our fave caterer, we had one kambing golek (bakar) and another kambing was made into the most delicious curry (courtesy of my Uncle Din), My mum in law prepared otak2 (freshly grilled by my brother in laws) and rojak buah.

It was a stroke of genius preparing boys/girls favors bags filled with jajan's (sorry mum and dad) and puzzle/sticker book. It kept most of them distracted enough to allow their parents to eat in peace. The adults favor bags are filled with surah yassin, the cutest  new seamaster bottled water, cupcakes and a box of ais jem biscuits (old-skool nie). Thanks to my sis, kak Tirah and Nani for helping me packed :p

Zanji, tahnik and cukur jambul time by ahli Surau Jalan Tepi Sungai. When the girls turn 7 days old we did the whole Baby Naming, Tahnik, cukur rambut in accordance to Sunnah. The only thing we missed was the aqiqah. I didn't want the girls hair to be cut some more but tok imam insisted so potong lah sikit :p Anyway Iman and Ranya acted like the little angels they are. No crying and fussing throughout the whole ceremony. Alhamdullilah.

Our family portrait. As you can see the theme colour is purple since Lan, Ryan and I already have purple outfits. I bought the twins gowns from Truddy and Teddy. Love it for its reasonable price, style and comfort level :)

The decoration on the stairs cost RM5 (pompom balls courtesy of Daiso) and leftover butterflies from my tunang deco (haha simpan tu) No fuss and all DIY. I seriously had so much fun planning the twins aqiqah.

Photos from around the majlis (which mostly consist of my lil hero): (1) mummy and abang (2) our kambing golek (3)makyong and Ryan (4) Ryan and Wan Cik (5) Upin and Ipin (haha) (6) Pak Ngah Reza tengah bakar otak-otak (7) Daddy and his thank you speech (8) Abang with Induk, Wan Sue and Ranya (9) Mak Long, Iman and Abang yg curi-curi makan sweets

Thanks to everyone who came, was so busy that I did not manage to take pics with everyone :( (1) My girls + 1 old man (2) Ida and Irsa who looks adorable in her red dress (3) My hunky cousins :p Hafiz, Aqil and Azfar (4)Lan sisters and Aunt (5) Iena, Ilya and Ranya (6) Baba Sue, Nidal and my cousins (7) Orang kuat at every event my Pak Cik Fauzi, Pak Su, Mak Su and Mak Ngah (8) Uncle Atan,Cik Ita and my MIL with the twins (9) Lan sister Baby and Atirah (10) My nephew Nufail Nidal yg insisted that Mama Su takes his photo (11) Wan Chek with Iman (12) Wan Sue with Ranya

You know what I realised? I have an awesome family :) that and I'm reminded on how I love planning parties. Can't wait to plan for Ryan, Iman and Ranya joined Bday party in December (hahah ignore the over excited mum blogging). Oh well there's always Lan's Bday to plan this April :p


Karen Fields said...

Gorgeous deco and planning. Love the lil pomppms

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Tahniah.. Sorry Far & Lan.. tak dapat datang hari tu..

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itulaaa kalau tak boleh catch up... lama betul dah tak jumpa kan

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I really loved what you did :-):-)