Thursday, March 8, 2012


Finally found some time to blog. I've been busy for the past few weeks taking care of my babies, spending quality time with Ryan and Lan and planning Iman and Ranya's Aqiqah that I did not realize my extended maternity leave is coming to an end...

Work is starting next week. Can't say I'm jumping for joy but since there is no alternative options for the time being, I'm gonna TRY to stay positive. 11 more months until my scholarship contract expires and I'll be a free lil birdie to pursue more interesting prospects. All in good time :)

Anyway Iman and Ranya's Aqiqah went well. We received positive feedbacks on the food, deco and desserts :) I'm so happy as I did 80% of the planning and execution on my own. Lan and I was toying with the idea of hiring an event planner at first but after much discussion we decided that lil bossy me shall take charge. Take charge I did and though I was overwhelmed with the planning + taking care of zee household with help from our family everything turned out great in the end though we received close to unexpected 200 guests :D

Hmmm I wanted to post the pictures from the event but I can't seem to find the right USB cable for my DSLR. Maybe I'll do it tonight or tomorrow. Going to enjoy the remaining of my break and not dread Monday.Anyway Ryan is at home so gonna go cuddle up with him in front of the TV.

*sigh* Gonna miss spending time with my lil family so much. No more impromptu afternoon lunches with hubby, breakfast outings with Ryan or spending the whole day with Iman and Ranya singing "wheels on the bus".Oh well QUALITY time is more important kan, we have nights, early mornings and weekends to spend time and make great memories together. I shall NOT be negative and depressing about this.


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