Monday, March 19, 2012

Sugar & spice & all things nice...

Are what little girl are made of.....

Sweet Miss Iman Khadeeja
My lil baby Ranya Fatimah

The perks of having twin girls is the CLOTHES. Whenever I'm in a baby's boutique or online shopping I'll go crazy because I'm just spoilt for choice. Excuse the over reaction because I'm so used to shop for a little boy. Little boys clothes as cute as they may be fails to excite you after a while. It is all shorts, jeans, t-shirt, shirt and more t-shirts oh and the occasional baju melayu. Accessories shopping for Ryan means the necessary socks,shoes and belts :p However, I have to admit boys have better choices in the toys department. Their toys is just wayyyy cooler ( and more expensive :p)

Little girls wardrobe is another story all  together. There's dresses, skirts, blouses, cardigans, jackets, pants etc to mix and match. With each outfit you get to accessorize it with headbands,tights, bracelets, necklaces etc. and do not forget adorable tinny tiny shoes *sigh* It's like having your own Barbie dolls to play dress up with.

Heheh as you can see it is not really helping me with my spending problem :p When you have 3 kids at home all of your extra $$$ will go to them. You just can't help it, you go out to buy a new pairs of shoe for you and get distracted at the shops and end up buying books/toys and clothing for the little one.

Anyway we took Iman and Ranya to their paed Dr Chong for their 3 months immunization. Triple Antigen/ Pnuemococal shots and final dose of Rotavirus vaccine. The cost came up to RM1k. Crazy,huh? But one thing I learned as a parent is you don't skimp on preventions. It is seriously better than cure. They are growing really well. Iman is now 5.4kg and Ranya is 5.1kg. Weirdly enough Ranya is 1cm taller than Iman :p

Iman and Ranya is also able to turn on their sides (mengiring) Ranya has been able to do it since she turn 2 1/2 months being more active. Iman is the chattier one though. She love trying to imitate sounds and trying to copy our mouth movements :p We decided that we're not going to send the twins to playgroup classes yet. We choose to have our own playtime adopting the activities we learned from Ryan's Gym.boree classes and online tips instead. Less hassle during the weekend and more time for Lan and I to do house chores instead of travelling to Bangsar every Saturday morning with 3 kids in tow.   

Hmmm what else? Ryan is so keletah these days. Sometimes you don't even understand what he is saying but he is starting to talking in 2 -3 words sentences. We're re-potty training him so he walks around the house in 2-3 layers of underwear. It is kinda funny because he puts it on himself. Yesterday we wanted to go out and even after putting on his diapers he insisted to put on his undies :p  The sight is so funny but whateverlah kan....

That's pretty much of the kiddies development for the time being. I'm trying to be a bit more rajin in recording their developments like I was with Ryan. Hopefully, I'll succeed :p

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