Friday, March 16, 2012


As you can see I've made some changes to my blog layout. I'm in the mood for something brighter and girly. Anyway I love the new Blogger "tile" layout option which is very similar to the one in tumbl.r. However, since I love to ramble on this page as opposed to just posting photos I've choosen the more classic settings instead.I've also added "pages" linking to post specifically on Ryan, The Twins, My tumblr page and photos from my holidays page for ease of reference (mine mostly :p)

As I was making changes to the layout I realised there are some new comments on some of my backdated entries that contained questions that I did not reply. I'm so sorry and would like to apologize. You see I do not moderate and check my comments section often so I tend to overlook some of the enquiries. I've made changes to the settings so hopefully it won't happen again.

Oh I'm back at work after 3 months break, I'm neither happy or unhappy, just somewhere in between. The kids are doing great alhamdullilah and I'm looking forward to blog more on Iman and Ranya's Aqiqah & preparations, Ryan's latest antics and life in general :p

Have a good weekend everyone *hugs*


Sha said...

Comment my retis :p

Nada Fal said...

fresh layout! loved it!

~f@R~ said...

Sha: typo kan? but i geddit, serious gej :p

Nada: Thanks :)