Thursday, January 3, 2013

Project Birthday 2012 : Birthday Weekend (Part 1)

As a part of the Ryan, Iman and Ranya's birthday celebration, we decided to make a weekend trip to, Theme Park Johor, Singapore, JPO and Malacca (ok the last 3 was mostly for Mummy & Mak Long benefit)

We started our journey to Johor on 20 December 2012 (Ryan's actual birthday). The trip was bearable, Ryan and the twins slept halfway and since each non driving adult (i.e. my mum, Lan and myself) is responsible for one baby, we were all not too hassled, though there are points during the drive when all 3 wanted to hang out with mummy (*sigh* what can I say, I'm too fun for my own good haha)

We reach our destination the Ne.w Yo.rk Hotel Johor around 3pm, Lan and I was even too malas to go down for lunch that parents just tapau-ed some food from a nearby warung. Their Nasi Goreng Cina is the bomb (too bad for the life of me I cant remember the name of the shop)

Met up with my sis and bro in law a bit later (she's there for a conference) and managed to catch up with her colleagues (and my old Bandung Trip buddy) Kak Wanie and Kak Sharina.Since it was a long drive, that night was free and lazy ;p we had a family dinner and went to bed early since the next day it is going to be a long busy day.
 The kids lepaking in the hotel :) 
The room and service is satisfactory but not the breakfast buffet though (bland and limited for choice)
But I would not mind coming back here, since the location is strategic and the hotel is comfortable enough for family stay

21 December 2012: LEGO.LAND, Johor Bahru

This place is HUGE: Ryan was mesmerized with the models of ships and building in Miniland, we spend a good 30 minutes there. The legoman and vehicle even moved and made realistic noises

A little warning. There's a lot of walking to be done and the place is HOT since most of the trees is newly planted so there's minimal shade. If you wish to bring any child under 4, I suggest bring a stroller (or you can rent a single/double stroller at the entrance) 

Me in Taj Mahal, India :p
(oh well since Lan won't bring me here, Legoland Taj Mahal pun jadilah haha)

Thank god we put the baby leash (ok-ok harness) on him.
He was so excited, he was running around like nobody's business

Imagination Area : There's a building in Imagination-Land where the kids can play with blocks and "test" whether their building is strong enough :) We spent a lot of time here since Ryan is not able to ride on most of the rides (too short :p kids must be above 100cm to play on 98% of the rides)

The twins @ Lego Kingdom

 My lil man enjoying his ice cream, to cool down :) He has choosen the Cornetto himself.
I wanted to get him a paddle pop and he said "NO, nak ice-cream becarr (besar)"
High maintenance anak ku ini :p

Riding one of the Lego truck (Look at Iman masam face due to the heat) 101
The facilities in Legoland is top notch :) They even have family bathrooms where both mummy and daddy's can go in to change the child's diaper together. The toilets are also very clean.There's also Mall of Medini in front of Legoland with Restaurants like KFC, Burger King, Kopitiam etc if you feel like the food in Legoland to be too expensive (it is a whole day pass, so you can go in-out after the guard stamp your tickets) I find this to be very convenient.The legos sold in Legoland are also slightly cheaper than the price in the Malls . For example a Lego storage head which cost RM199 in Toys R Us are sold at RM129 here. There's at least RM10-RM20 price difference. I went totally crazy buying legos for the kiddies :)You will also get a discount if you purchase your tickets online (i.e:one week before the date of your visit)

P/S:  In the interest of space, I will upload the other photos in my travel blog for those who are interested in other pictures of Legoland/ Sanrio Theme park (check up the link on my "pages"). There's an insane amount of pictures to upload and these are just the pictures in my hp (I promise I will upload pics in DSLR soon)
PP/S: Pics for Theme Parks, Singapore & JPO pics in next post and will update on the kids birthday party once I find the time

New Year Note: May 2013 make me a better Muslim, mum, wife, daughter, employee etc. I don't really believe in New Year resolutions though, as changes need to be made constantly and not only once a year :p Anyway may Allah bless our year and brings in more love and happiness *In Sha Allah*

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