Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project Birthday 2012: The Party

The final event to close the new year and Project Birthday 2012 was a joined birthday party that Lan and I threw for Ryan, Iman and Ranya on 29 December 2012.We decided on a "private party" where we only invited family members. I guess though we wanted to celebrate we were not really keen on a full blown event since the kids are still too young to appreciate :p and unlike Ryan's first birthday which was an extension from an earlier doa selamat ceremony to bless our new home, this time around we decided to keep it small :)

Anyway it all started with having to decide on the themes :) Ryan's mind was set on "SuperHeroes" esp Captain America his favorite Avengers. It was a bit trickier for the twins. I was thinking of a Princess/Fairy themed but kept on changing my mind, in the end I decided on "girly" i.e. something girlish but not to mainstream (wtf, right?)

I went back to our favorite baker Nadi from Nadibakes to bake the cakes. I forwarded a picture of a Avengers 2D cake I found online and a lovingly drew a picture of Marie Aristocats Twin cake which was personally designed by yours truly :) 

 The awesome Hershey Mud Avengers cake :)
My "vision" of the Twins cake :)

The results :) The cutest "twins" Marie Aristocats Rainbow cake

 The fact that it was a small event did not stop me from hunching around for 2 days preparing party decos :) 
Behold the Avengers Party Sign. Birthday boy helped mummy with the preparations.
I found some Avengers themed sweets in Cold Storage (must be leftovers from Halloweens) and threw some chocs/sweets together to make up for this simple candy buffet

The awesome dessert table : Rainbow cake, choc cake, strawberries pavlova, longan jelly and watermellon. My sis in law brought some Apam Dino and cendol jelly.
I forgot to take a pictures of the buffet table : Lan prepared yummy BBQ chicken wings and gourmet sausages, I made pasta, coleslaw and mashed potatoes, My bro in law made chicken curry and mum ordered some roti jala.

 The over excited Spiderman perched on a stool singing happy birthday non-stop until we allowed him to cut his cake -__-

 Hahah look at him :) 
He told me "mummy Ayen nak captain ayeyica, cut captain ayeyica, Ayen punya"
So I did and he spend 15 minutes on his desk making a mess of my house with choc cake :p

 Our guests :) My cousins, uncles, aunts and the rest of Lan's family

 The Azlan-Farhanna
Thanks nenek for the lovely tutu dress :)

The Hanif Clan

 The mok moks

 Haziq, Dareen, my cutey Nidal and Fatin

Ryan decided to sit on the stairs to guard his toys from "dedeks"
A pic of him playing with a toy microwave (for his sisters of course) which he is currently obsessed with and had "claimed" his own

 More presents

The kiddies in front their mountain of presents : a toy kitchen, mini doll house, bags, blocks, figurines,barbies etc. Alhamdullilah they're so blessed with love and a whole load of awesome things :D
As for me, nothing beats the feeling of seeing the happy faces of your children, knowing that you're the reason for that big fat smile.I'm so thankful that I'm able to make my lil boy dream come true. 
He had so much fun, he's already asking for another birthday party... Ryan..Ryan..


Anonymous said...

Love what you did for the kids. Simple but very nice. kudos supermummy

Sha said...

Why my name tak keluar?

~f@R~ said...

You salah tekan the tab kot :p