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Project Birthday 2012: Birthday Weekend (Part 2)

Date : 21 December 2012 (Pu.Teri Harbour Theme Park)

After spending the whole morning and parts of the afternoon in, we moved on to Puteri Har.bour Family Theme Park(or better known as Hello Kitty Wor.ld) which is 10 minutes drive away from This park is more toddler friendly. It is divided into 3 floor. Level one house Hello Kitty world while the 2nd and 3rd floor is for the Little Big Club characters (Barney, Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Pinggu, Angelina Ballerina etc).You can choose to go to one park at RM50 per person or pay RM85 for tickets for both parks.

 We started with the Little Big Club as it holds more interest than H.K ( at least to Ryan and I :p)
We went to the "Thomas & Friends Imagination Station " floor first where they have rides suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers.They are also not as strict as LG as they even allowed Ranya to ride on some of the rides despite not meeting the height requirement :p 

 Ranya's first "theme park" rides on Bertie the Bus and Harold the Helicopter. 
Good girl even co-pilot with abang :)
Iman was asleep so she missed out on the fun *sorry kakak*

 In front of the ice-cream truck across Barney's house :p
Old Barney even made an appearance when we were there but I didn't bother to line up because he's annoying hahahaha

More pics with Barney the annoying purple dinosaur & Pingu the Penguin

Us inside Hello Kitty's House :) 
Left to Right: her accessories cupboard, kitchen, office, bedroom and walk in dressing room. The park is more suitable for GIRLS above 2 years, I have to say. They have rooms for jewellery making activities, dress up etc. My kids don't even KNOW who is Hello Kitty so they were a bit indifferent and unimpressed hehe

Atuk & Nenek in one of those twirly cup rides with the twins.
Ryan who was tired at the time this picture was taken, threw a HUGE tantrum because he wasn't invited to join the ride. Atuk had to go on the cup AGAIN right after he came down to pacify his cucu kesayangan :p

My sis and bro in law didnt want to come in because they are a bunch of spoilsports haha
Anyway it was raining heavily when we wanted to leave. Thank god it stop long enough for my dad and BIL to make a run to pick up the car. Oh well that is what you get for traveling during the rainy season. Rain, rain and more rain :)

 Lan and I were too tired to go out  so my parents went out to dinner with Ryan. So after dropping by Cold Storage for groceries, we tapau some food for the kids and ate in. 

Date 22 December 2012: Singapore & JPO

Our hotel was really near the Woodlands, Singapore Check-in port (about 15 minutes drive away) so we decided to drop by Singapore for a quick shopping trip. The traffic was manageable but after having to deal with immigration and entry pass etc we only managed to get in Orchard Road around 1pm.

Look at Iman's bored and sleepy face in the car

Let me tell ya Singapore is not a very baby friendly place, esp if you need to be pushing strollers and stuff. Their connecting underground passageways has no ramps and escalator, so to get from one mall to another (even across the road) is hell :( We managed to only go to 2 different malls but I'm happy enough because I got good deals on perfumes and cute looking souvenirs.Maybe I'll come again with Lan to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.Anyways, pics are crappy and limited because we were all too moody from pushing and carrying strollers to be posing around

We left around 5ish and managed to arrived at the hotel by 630pm. We performed our solat  in the hotel surau, freshen up and gave the kids a short bath and changed them into their PJ's before continuing our journey to JPO on our way back to Melacca (Yes I'm crazy but I have enablers who follows my every whim and fancy and just goes along with my plans because it easier than saying no :p)

We reached JPO around 8ish. Since it was before Xmas, the sales and stocks are quite good :) I bought myself a new pair of shoes from Bonia and a bag from Braun Buffel. My parents shopped at Bonia and Samsonite and a few other stores. We spend around 2 hours there before continuing our journey back to Malacca. We reached my aunt's house at 12pm. Hehehe kesian my uncle had to wait up for us

You would have thought I had enough of shopping after 2 whole days of being out and about :p of course NOT, I was up early on Sunday and dragged my cousins Nurul, Izzah, My sis, BIL and Ryan to Malacca latest AEON (yes macamla tak pernah pergi Jusco) It was a good call because I found this cool shop that sells really pretty baju kurung at a cheap price :) Later,we had Mak Long's yummiest asam pedas (tasted almost like nenek's ) The kiddies got more birthday presents too,Nek Long  bought Ryan a cool Batman figurine and the girls got a Barbie Doll each :) We left for Klang after Zohor.

Alhamdullilah, the trip was a successful one :) It was tiring with the 3 kids but they are quite good travelers, I have to say. So much so I'm already planning for another mega break like this, end of 2013 *In Sha Allah* If ada rezeki, boleh la bawak the kids to another theme park :) 

I aim to finish my final 2012 Project Birthday entry by this week. 
We shall see if I'm successful :p  Stay Tuned!

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