Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Off with the head....

Been dreaming over this colour palette for a few month.
Finally decided that it is to be the new wall color for the kids playroom
I wanted something girlie (coz technically it is more the twins playroom than Ryan)
but I did not want the traditional pink/purple combo... 
So last week, we went to the paint store to get this gorgeous mint paint called "Tinkerbell"
How fitting, huh?

Since it is just a tiny room, I left hubby to his own devices and decided to venture into a new project that I've been meaning to do as a part of the playroom deco:  Head Silhouette

 In my case I needed 3 20cmx20cm canvas to start which I spray painted white with spray paint.
Let them dry for a few hours and make sure that the newspaper did not stick to the wet paint 
(which totally happen to me :p) 

 There's several way to get the head silhouette
1. Draw the profile free hand & fill in the blanks with the colour of your choice. Traditionally silhouette are black in colour, but feel free to change it up (my chosen method of the day); or
2. Take a side profile pic of your child/ own head, blow it up and "trace" the profile on a piece of paper ; or
3. Print the profile off the internet and stick it on a canvas or for an easier and cleaner method put it in a frame :p

Once the silhouette are painted on the canvas, wait for it to dry and later spray the gloss paint on the canvas to get the shiny/gloss up effect. Depending on how efficient you are, the whole process would probably take  around 3 hours (taking into consideration the "drying period"). 

Lo and behold a head silhouette of my children : Iman, Ryan and Ranya. Anyway though the twins looked more grown up than Ryan, I'm very happy with my handiwork :)

Will post the picture of the completed playroom once I'm done with it. 

Toodles, have a great weekend everyone and happy trying...


Sha said...

Babe this is gorgeous. I want one for my birthday. You're one of the most rajin mum I know,ok.

~f@R~ said...

awww thanks... if I got time will make you one ok...

Izyan Darling said...

so rajin and so creative! do post a pic of the end product i.e the painted room and the silhouette hanging on the wall. would love to see it and maybe get inspired to be as rajin and as creative as you. ;)

~f@R~ said...

Awww Izyan.. thanks.. it is not that difficult to do once you get the hang of it :)