Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alternative Medicines: My First Try

Sending my children to daycare means one thing: constant sniffles

Now that Ryan is in kindergarten and the twins in the “big kids” room in daycare, means they are more susceptible to germs (though I do know people with kids who stays at home 24/7 but get sick more often than my children :p) . Anyway, I’ve made my peace with this a long time ago. Germs and viruses are everywhere; all we can do is deal with it as positively as possible.

As much as I believe in modern medicine, I do read about the harm prolonged drug use can cause to the liver. We feed the kids honey and Vitamin C daily to improve their immune system. We also try to minimize the use of antibiotics by ensuring that it will only be given to the children if the sickness is caused by bacterial infection and non-viral.

Anyway a few friends of mine have been raving about the benefits of “homeopathy medicines”. So I decided to try it out. The nearest homeopathy clinic is Klinik Radziah in Section 7, Shah Alam. It has been 2 weeks and results have been pretty positive. I’ll give another proper review maybe after using it for 2 months.

Demax : Fever, Prolife: for IQ/Physical activeness, Nasobett: Flu/Runny nose/allergies and Weezoff: Cough and wheezing

Review: after 2 days of eating the meds, the twins runny nose has stop. They still have a bit of coughing but only early morning (when it's really cold).The medicines comes in small tablet form (tictac size), it is really sweet, so it's kinda easy to feed the kids. They call it" ubat gula-gula"

Painturat: This is for "orang tua: like me with back and muscles pains. I find that my joint pains have greatly minimize since eating this pill. You're supposed to take it 3 times a day but me being me is not very discipline with it. Despite of that it works. The first 3 days of eating this I started burping and passing wind (haha) a lot. I guess it helps in getting rid of the "angin" in my body which is causing the pain. Alhamdullilah. We shall see if the effects stays. 

Ok so that's the review on the meds as requested. Will come back in a month or two to report if there's a prolonged positive effect.

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