Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ryan says the darndest things...

Ryan has been going around telling people :-

"Ryan nak pergi sekolah ACS (the primary school for boys in my housing area)"
"Daddy pun pergi ACS school"
"Adik baru Ryan yang boy pun nak pergi ACS school"

HUH???? what adik baru yang boy Ryan???

So I asked him, "kenapa nak adik baru? Iman and Ranya kan ada..."

His answer???
" Mummy one, plus adik two ada three girls. Ryan and daddy ada dua je boy. So if ada baby boy baru nanti ada 3 boys jugak"

"Ohhh adik Iman and Ranya suka gaduh dengan Ryan, adik boy dengar je cakap Ryan nanti sebab dia small"

How exactly do I explain to him that even if Lan and I ever decide to have another baby, he can't exactly choose the gender?? Just imagine his reaction if he gets ANOTHER baby SISTER.... hahaha

P/S: Just in case the message is lost in translation somewhere, I'm NOT pregnant, at least not that I know off or unless Ryan have some 6 sense magical powers to predict the future that I'm not aware about....

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