Thursday, February 27, 2014

Of Traveling and Turning FIVE

People always say one of the worst things about getting married and having children is that you can no longer travel. I disagree...

It is not that you cannot travel, it is just a bit more difficult to do so :p The hassle of packing milk and diapers, the dreaded airplane tantrum (horror to horror) and probably the cost, with all the hassle, I do understand why some parents would just throw their hands in the air and give up.

People always equate traveling as going abroad. So their excuse for not traveling much is the cost. Experiencing new places need not be expensive. I bet there's a lot of places in Malaysia itself that we have yet to discover,right? 

I personally look forward to any day trip during weekends because sometimes I just need a quick change of scenery, to recharge, try out new food, smell new scents so that I can further appreciate this gorgeous place called Earth. I also love the effect of traveling on my children, because every time we visited a new place they'll ask gabijillion questions and learn new things. I  hope they'll build little memories of the fun times they had with mummy and daddy through our "jalan jalan sessions".

So I've come up with a new resolution, to visit more new places or revisit old ones at least once in every quarter and download more pictures in my travel diary. Looking at pictures of our family together and having fun is a great stress reliever, and hopefully something for my children to remember me by when I'm gone one day *inShaAllah*

Today marks the 5th year where our marriage turns 5 years. Alhamdullilah. I pray that Allah protects our marriage always, bestow us with more taqwa and iman so that we'll both be more obedient muslims, improve our bad habits, and make us better husband, wife and parents. 

We're both far from perfect, but I know we're perfect for each other. My only complaint for you is to make  more effort to smile in photos and learn how to aim and shoot while snapping pictures of me. Haha our constant source of argument  :p anyway love you B, May we be together forever till Jannah... *inShaAllah*

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