Friday, September 4, 2015

The Azlan's Merdeka Day Weekend

In continuation of the wedding celebration we had last week, we managed to cram in a whole load of family activities during the Merdeka weekend. We did not plan to go anywhere this time around as we wanted to avoid the Merdeka/Bersih crowd, so our activities are mostly confined around the Selangor area.

Date: 30 August 2015 (Sunday)

The kids cooked breakfast for mummy and daddy. We made savory bread and butter pudding together. They had so much fun and have already requested for us to bake a cake next. I find cooking to be an awesome way to teach the kids in taking instructions.

Restaurant Review: Zawara Coffee
Been meaning to check out this cafe for ages since my Aunt reviewed the place a few months back. The restaurant is situated in Bukit Jelutung and is quite easy to find. Very spacey (with a in house surau/toilet etc). The place is quite laid back, a nice place to lepak with family and friends.

We tried a few dishes, the kids had the Spaghetti Arabiata (not in picture but taste wise it's spicy and nice but nothing special), I got myself the salted egg buffalo wings (nice but would have been better if it was spicier), two types of churos, one with ice cream & chocolate sauce and the other is with butterscotch sauce ( I prefer the chocolate sauce to the butterscotch, but the churos itself is very nice, crunchy on the outside and lighly dusted with cinnamon, super yums, we originally ordered one box but the kids loved it so much we  had to order extras:))

For drinks we had the Tinkerbell ice blended (super bland, I don't like it at all) and Lan had the Hazelnut Latte (he said it's ok) and two bottles of mineral water. We paid around RM85 for everything. Not cheap but the price is pretty much standard for cafe food in Klang Valley. 

Did we enjoy ourselves? A BIG FAT YES and I would totally come again to try out the other food items on the menu. 


Date: 31 August 2015 (Monday)

We celebrated Merdeka by celebrating my little Malaysians. We treated them to rides, lunch at their favorite restaurant, shared an ice cream sundae, had a haircut, planted a tree and just spent loads and loads of quality time together. Alhamdullilah like Malaysia, my life is not perfect but there's more good than bad in it, and for that I'm thankful :)

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