Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Makan Time @ Batman Cafe and Capricciosa Restaurant, Sunway Putra Mall

DC Superhero @ Batman Cafe, Sunway Putra Mall

I've been promising to bring Ryan to this cafe since we came across the review on FB. Finally managed to make the trip during the Hari Raya Haji break. The store is actually a part of the DC store. There's some superhero inspired decorations including Batman tables but nothing super exciting.

The food however is quite interesting. Since we arrived around 1130 am, only the breakfast menu was available, there is not much menu choices but taste-wise (and based on looks) it pretty much met with our expectations. 

 My delicious Kryptonian Exodus Hot Chocolate

 Metropolis Hero Waffle (Mixed Berries Waffle) and Man of Steel Soda. This hands down is my favorite combo. Totally loved the pineapple and jelly bits in my drink. 

 Even the ice cubes has the Superman Logo on it to Ryan's delight.

Rightwing Rampage Pancake (Blueberry pancakes) and 'Why So Serious" Soda (Dark currant soda and vanilla ice cream). Ranya loved the pancakes which she shared with my sister. The soda is a bit masam for the kids liking but my sister enjoyed it. 

My super excited superhero. Planning for another visit soon to try the lunch menu. Ryan was pumped to try the Batman Pizza but it wasn't available. 

Capricciosa Restaurant, Sunway Putra Mall

A few hours after our shared breakfast, the kiddies was hungry (again!) so we settled for one of the restaurants in the mall before heading home. Since everyone was game for Italian food, we decided to try out Capricciosa Restaurant for lunch.

Since it was our first time at the restaurant, we opted for the "Value Set" - The one we chose was for 2-3 persons, consist of baked chicken, aglia olio spaghetti, clams, croquette cheese rice, grilled lobster, a slice of tiramisu and 3 selections of house soda. My favorite was the olio and clams. The lobster was a major disappointment as it was totally overcooked and ended up super rubbery. I was happy with the rest of the dishes though. 

We ordered Mango Lychee soda, Lychee iced tea and the Lime and Mint soda which was a part of the set. At RM89.90 the set was value for money :)

 For the kids, we ordered the kids meal @ RM9.90 each. Ryan ordered the sliced chicken pizza which was HUGE (8 slices) more than enough to be shared between him, my sis, Lan and I. 
The twins wanted pasta, so we ordered the tomato based spaghetti for them to share. The pasta was accompanied with wedges and side veges. Both meals also came with a scoop of ice cream each. We were all happy and full at the end of the lunch. 

I recommend both eateries for others to try :) 

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