Friday, April 17, 2009

Maybe you should think before you talk...

Someone that I barely know straight out ask this question to me a few days ago...
“Are you pregnant?"

The first thought that came to my head was "Why the hell is that any of your problem?” But I just cryptically answered "Rahsialah" and walk away.

Another favorite was:-
"Are you pregnant?" without waiting for an answer plowed on "Tak baik tunggu2 nie nanti rancang-rancang tuhan tak bagi betul-betul baru tau"

I was seriously cursing this fool in my head. So I just smiled and answered " Allah tu adil, ada orang merancang with good reason, I don't think they will be punished for it"

That totally shut him up. For some reasons most of this insensitive fools are men.

I'm not being sexist but women are usually more tactful on this issue. Maybe because men are more prone to show "machoness/maleness" esp. if it concerns their "virility".

I know some people will say, "Relax lah they are just starting a conversation" but from their tones and expression, I find it plain annoying. There is a million and one subject in this face of earth but why do people find the need to ask:
1. Single woman/men "when are they getting married?"
2. Married couple "when are the having children?"
3. Haggard married couple with a kid crying "When are you planning to have MORE kids, so and so must be lonely"

Do you think any of the above can be easily purchased at Jaya Jusco or Pasar Malam? Whatever...

So if any of you are wondering on the status of my uterus @ the moment all I can say is my greatest ambition is to pull the "Christina Aguilera" you know the whole 9 months pregnant but refused to comment kinda thing. Tapi bodoh betul paparazzi tu, with her stomach so bulat and big they can ask her "Hey Christina are you pregnant?" idiots: p

Don't bother asking because I won't answer until I'm ready ( well this would be just a reminisce of my engagement/wedding refusal to tell anyone till I'm ready..)

On the issue of family planning: Just my two cents. Do not get into anything if you are NOT ready. A baby is a lifetime RESPONSIBILITY. If you think, you need to plan than plan.

Make sure both you and your partner are emotionally, financially and mentally stable to start a family. Remember Allah is all knowing and fair he will not begrudge you of a kid just because you choose to wait (with good intention-lah). I mean there are people who are trying to conceive but are not successful, so are these ignorant idiots insinuating that god is punishing them? I believe in “rezeki”. I seriously believe that but your belief is up to you :) Just don’t impose it on me, ok!

In conclusion, practice a little tact and protect yourself from being in the company of ignorant fools. Thank you :)

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