Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I haven't been able to blog from work due to some weird reason (blogger page won't load)

This whole week has been so crazy for me :p with exams coming up, work and social stuff... I just don't have time for myself *urrgghh* Nak balik Klang pun tak sempat...

Managed to squeeze a date with hubby on Friday to go to Sunway Pyramid to watch "He's Just Not Into You". I have the Q& A book and I find it totally hilarious. The movie is sweet and funny (esp. the part with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long and that other woman whoever she is)

Saturday morning was spent in the LIBRARY because yours truly had to do research. Hubby accompanied me. Saya sayang hubby saya sebab sanggup bangun pagi and temankan saya pergi buat homework, walaupun dia sempat membebel saya buat kerja last minute :p

After that we went TV hunting and came back and tidy up the house while waiting for mummy and daddy to pick us up to go to Sungai Buloh for Arif's Farewell BBQ (moi cousin is going to Michigan USA for studies)We reach home really late at night but had to stay up late to do the laundry and stuff (boring)

Had classes on Sunday. I have 2 more assignments to submit *sigh* headache & stress-lah....

Yesterday was nightmare @ work due to all the research I have to finish *double urrggghhh* The best part is we managed to get the handyman to install the heater last night. So no more crappy cold shower (yes mengada I know, I hate cold shower, my mum use to heat water for my bath every morning until I was 15 before my parents installed the heater at home - kalau tak saya tak nak pergi sekolah)

I know I'm supposed to have my housewarming at the end of this month, but due to the craziness I will pushed it to early May ok :)

This Friday is Lan's B-Day planning to have a family dinner/gathering of some sort at some seafood restaurant somewhere... Tak kuasa nak masak... hahaha

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