Friday, April 24, 2009

Exam Blues

I hate exams. I do not understand why I subject myself to unnecessary pain of doing my masters...'

Last Wednesday paper was so-so. I know I'll pass it for sure but I don't think I'll score that well :p

I am behind my work, revision and god knows what social obligation that "newly-weds" are supposed to do. Serious I can barely find the time to properly set up the house, please don't expect me to do house visiting, now!

Thank god for understanding hubby and parents :p

Lan being him, is oblivious to my mood swings ect. I think he anticipated the psychotic behavior that is associated between me and exams.

But I know I'm lucky to have him :p Not many men are as helpful. He help me with the cleaning, cooking , laundry etc and do it all without having been told.

He is not helping because of me nagging or because I made him. He believes that it's his responsibility too. I thank god everyday that he is not one of those messy chauvinistic mummy's boy who won't lift a finger to help around the house...

With all being said there is still so much for us to work on our relationship. No relationship is perfect, right?

Yea!! Can’t wait for my "date" with hubby tomorrow and out mini 2nd honeymoon next week: p

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