Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bali Story 2009

Sunset @ Tanah Lot

@ Hot Spring Temple

@ The paddy plantation field

I'm back with nothing to say :)

The Bali trip was awesome. Finally managed to spend some "us" time with hubby. Something we have not managed to have since the wedding (narh, who is complaining?)

We had our first Nyeppi experience. It's a religious holiday celebrated in Bali every year. Technically, no one (citizens and the tourist) is allowed to go out of the house and make any noise (no loud music and some national station is off air) they even closed down the airport for the day. It wasn't boring because the hotel has awesome grounds, pool, great selection of DVD (hahah watched Twilight, again: p)

Anyway, on the 2nd night in Bali, I had my first encounter with a "snakey". Our room is on the top floor with a private stairway for each room, imagine the shock when walking up the stairs and greeted by the sight of a long green snakey (itz ular lidi). I was quite calm when I turned around and announced to Lan that "ada ular atas tangga". His expression is so funny, nasib baik tak jatuh tangga. Called the hotel people and they took the snake away. Went up to the room and cried hahaha my reaction very the slow...

Shopping in Bali was fun too. Hubby was very accommodating (malas nak layan sebenarnya)

Neways we managed to cover a lot of ground in4 days. I'm trying to download some pics, more photo's go to FB ok. For some reason can't really upload pics at work....

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