Monday, August 24, 2009

My Ramblings : A week worth of nonsensical happenings...

I have so much to write about but don't know where to start, so I didn't bother starting... hehehe

Happy Ramadan

Been able to fast so far *alhamdullilah* The first day was a snap but yesterday (Sunday) was a challenge. I was going to class (yeah @ 9.30am on a Sunday) when I suddenly feel clammy and started sweating for no reason. I recognised it as a sign of low blood sugar but I continued fasting as the symptoms didn't persist during class (I think it was due to the ridiculously cold room)

Anyway I am carefully monitoring my weight. As I did not gain the normal 3-5kg during the first 20 weeks, I have to make sure that I won't lose any kg's during Ramadhan. My mum's doctor suggested that I fast on alternate days if the situation persist as :-

  • To maintain + improve my weight gain (eventhough Beanie can get enough nutrients from me, I may not have enough for myself) and supplements does not equal to real food calories

  • No point if I get to "puasa penuh" but may cause future complications to myself (macamlah tak boleh qada' later) If need arises I can do what I did last year to prepare for the wedding puasa on Mondays and Thursday twice a month. 15 days or so is not that much (the key is not to ganti last minute :p) As advised by my mummy :p

We'll see how thing goes, for all I know I might be able to fast 30days non-stop. I know some people may say that it's mengada2 and memanjakan diri to consider not fasting but I believe it's better to look at my body needs. No point in playing hero especially if the harm outweigh the benefit.

Every individual is different so as every pregnancy. I've been lucky so far *alhamdullilah* I have very minimal morning sickness, I'm still able to shop from every end of One Utama non-stop for 2 hours, I can still wear 3/4 of my normal clothes. I'm able to go to work, go to class (which ends at 10pm, mind you twice a week) and am still able to help around the house. Ni bukan riak ok but I'm just showing I've been bless with a great pregnancy so far, so if this is the price that I got to pay in return, I accept in graciously.

Baju Raya

My baju raya should be ready next week. I can't wait. I'm making a normal baju kurung + an empire waist jubah (of a sort). For first day of raya I've decided to get one that is ready made (malas nak buat baju banyak2) I may be preggers but that does not mean I have to wear boring clothing, right?? :p

Beanie's Wardrobe Collection

We've started getting a few bits and pieces for Beanie. I try not to go overboard (and been good so far) and have been religiously sticking to my Cosmopolitan Pregnancy Baby List :) Lepas raya nie can start do some real damage.

My mummy is the one yang overly excited. She already gotten Beanie some cute t-shirt from Mothercare and an adorable Pj. Pastu sibuk nak pergi beli those 3 in 1 cots for our house in Klang. We were like "relax ah mama, lambat lagi belilah lepas raya... "Thank god she actually listen :p
Need to finish my research. Bestnye boleh balik awal this whole month....

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan, everyone. Hope we're able to spend it wisely and with the blessings from ALLAH S.W.T. Exercise patience and avoid wastefulness (esp kat Bazaar Ramadhan,ok) Take care *muackz*


Sha said...

Be careful, just don't faint in the middle of the office ok. Selamat berpuasa

~f@R~ said...

I now carry a bar of chocolate with me all the time in case of ER (hehe) Anyway Selamat Berpuasa to you too.....

Anonymous said...

alo Puan Far, tahun lepas mmg la kita berbuka sama2 kat kedai Pak Li tapi harus di ingat time tu i takde imran lagi.Boleh la berbuka dengan tenang...skrg tak dapat la...i berbuka pun sambil meriba si Imran...tahun ni mmg takdapat la berbuka sama2. nak suruh u masak, u pregnant nanti lagiiii penat. maybe nx time.