Thursday, August 6, 2009


Going for baby's check-up tomorrow. So I'm praying that everything would be ok (insyallah) Anyway got a bunch of baby/pregnancy enquiry so I decided to handle it all in one post :)

1. The one on the baby's gender.
There is a 70% chance that we might find out the baby's gender by tomorrow. I don't mind a boy/girl as long as the baby is healthy I'm happy. Someone was asking whether we're going to announce the baby's gender (errr???) It all depends on the scan, I don't want to go on and on about "it's a boy, it's a boy" sekali turn out girl. Alah some surprise would be fun kan?

2. Baby Checks
Someone was asking me about the differences between going for monthly check-up in normal clinics and a going to a private hospital to see an obstetrics & gynaecology. I'm not really sure but asking around there is not much difference.

The key is finding a doctor that you are comfortable with, just because you're going to a private hospital does not guarantee a great consultation session with the doctor (some doctors are by nature not that informative)

Our choice in going to SJMC is prompted by several factors:
1. It's convenient to our place, 15 minutes drive and minimal traffic
2. They have more selection of female doctors as compared to DEMC
3. SJMC is one of SC's panel hospital, and since I'm planning to give birth in SJMC (insyallah), I rather have one doctor to handle my file from the start to the end of pregnancy
4. My gynea Dr Delaila is very thorough in her check-up, and readily answer my questions (and boy do I have weird questions ;p)

The downside:
1. Price tag: since SC is only covering for the birth process, Lan and I decided to shell out the $$$ for the monthly check-up ourself.So if you decide to go to private hospital such as SJMC, Sunway and Damansara Specialist, set aside about at least RM 200-300 for normal consultation (inclusive of vitamins and prescription so quite reasonable) and up to RM600 for test (blood/urine etc)
2. Crowd : some of the more "popular" doctors have a lot of patients so be prepared to wait for 1-2 hours for consultation

Other than that, it is really up to you. Just remember price tag does not necessarily determine quality

3. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...
Baby names :) Lan and I is on the hunt for the perfect baby names. Main criteria for consideration:
1. Must have and Arabic/Islamic meaning to it.
2. Simple, Not too long and fuss free ( My dad pesan jangan bagi nama pelik & terlampau panjang , nanti nak tahlil susah *sampai ke situ pulak but I guess it's true*)

Additional Criteria from our parents :-
- If boboy letak Muhammad (as in the full spelling) - I totally agree for this even b4 my MIL suggested
- If girl letak Nur (yang ni saya malas sikit ;p)

Well four more months to go, haven't shortlisted anything yet. No hurry :p

4. Literature for mum-to-be Do check out this book " What to expect when you are expecting". I consider it to be one of the best, pack with info and its hilarious. It deal with weekly pregnancy stages, diet suggestion and even a tounge-in-cheek answers to busybodies and annoying "belly toucher".

5. Mummy pampering
I've just booked another session for pregnancy massage in Khareyana Spa, PJ. The massage is specialize for pregnant women and the masseuse has at least 6-8 years experience. It is nothing like normal massage but it does help alleviate body aches. The price is slightly higher than normal massages @ Rm16o a pop for 1 1/2 hours but me love it ( I got the package deal :p)

Anyway, do check it out (even if you are not preggers). The place is nice :) or you can also try Deri Sri Spa in Sri Hartamas (spa package dia best, not recommendable for pregnant ladies though coz you are not supposed to go for the steam (panas) and bath (takut jatuh ;p))

Well, that is all for now. Till next time. Take care people :)


twayblade said...

i only went to sjmc from 7th month till birth (MAB's medical policy). before that, went for checkups at klinik soraya at section 3. beza sjmc and soraya: soraya check lebih kurang je. baby ok. kedudukan ok. semua ok. tak bg pun printout scan tu unless u mintak and remind doktor. pastu scan pun tak detail. ubat pun dia bg pramilet sahaja. takde buat detail scan check defects. normal 2D scan only. other than that, beli sendiri. whereas kat sjmc, u sendiri tau mcm mana kan. difference mcm langit ngn bumi. tapi mana2 pun, asalkan baby ok, dah cukup bagus.

~f@R~ said...

Hi Ida, yeap I agree as long as baby is ok mana2 boleh...the main benefit dapat detail scan selalu is because nak sooth baby worries. Biasalah mothers esp first-timer, semuanya nak risau :) Alhamdullilah things have been easy so far....