Monday, August 3, 2009

SC Fundae Family Day

Location: Desa Waterpark
Date: 1 August 2009
Verdict : So-So

Woke up at 8.15am, got ready, bertolak dari rumah at 9am and it took us 20 minutes to arrive. Walk around for a while, met up with my colleague, Syer brought her two cute niece and nephew (Cinta & Haris), Lan jumpa Sani so dia ada geng, food was so-so, games was a bit dull and game yg best ramai orang. Stayed on for 1 hour or so and we decided to go home. The trip home took 1 hour anf 15 minutes due to the protest *sigh* Went home, watch tv (me read books), pastu balik Klang and had Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng yg best @ Meru. Sunday balik Jalan Kebun (kena kacau kucing lagi) and went back home to watch Transformers II (DVD) and Gossip Girl. So that's the summary of my not so happening but quite relaxing weekend :p I was a bit moody though the whole weekend, the heat was giving me headache

With Nicole, Nina, Jean, Cinta, Syer & Myself :)

Syer with Harris yg cheeky. He actually ajak me mandi pool when I bawak him to get food without bringing her aunt along :p

Cutey Cinta : so round and fair :) waktu nie dia geram sebab abang dia got to mandi pool and people suruh dia pose, so she turned around and smack me in the face. Bila I gelak2 she thought it was a game and wanted to smack me again... hahah

With hubby :p

Baby updates: Baby movement is getting more and more pronouced, that even Lan can feel it. I don't know if it is a coincidence but Beanie seems to react to my voice & Lan. If you catch me talking to myself on daily occurance, don't be alarmed. I am not losing my mind just talking to the little one. Favourite pastime activity includes singing that annoying "I love you" Barney song with the added line "kick if you love me too" - I know it's probally another coincidence but Beanie actually kick TWICE on cue (smarty baby *insyallah*) Can't wait to see you on Friday *muackz*


Sha said...

Babe dah 5 months and I still can't see your belly and tak nampak gain weight pun. Cepat give me tips I nak slim jugak bila I pregnant

~f@R~ said...

Don't you think you should do the whole getting married thing before you want tips on getting pregnant?? bahaya tu :)

Sha said...

hahaha getting ahead of myself kan?