Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of Grandmother's and Ramadhan

I went back to Malacca last weekend on a short trip to visit my ailing grandmother - Nek Mah (My Mum's Mother). She's over 95years old and up to last year was walking, talking, performing prayers by herself etc. However,due to old age, she's not doing all too well at the moment. She's been hospitalized twice this year and the outlook is not that well. According to my aunt one of my grams liver have failed and there's little the doctors can do about it.Sometimes she can't even control her eye and mouth movement. Sad!

I feel kind of bad. You see I'm not very close to my grandmother, as my mum was raised by her uncle (i.e. my grand uncle). When she was conceived, my grand aunt can't have any children so they decided to "adopt" my mummy. My grandparents who at that time already had 10 kids(or is it 11??) gave my mum away. Technically, my mum did see her parents from time to time. She knows that she's adopted and all but of course she's closer to my grand uncle family. When her aunt passed away, Tok Mat remarries and my Nek Jah was the one who took care of of my mum.

So other than my late Wan (whom I truly adore and miss like crazy) the only grandparents I ever knew was Nek Jah. She was the one who will come over to take care of me when I was younger, her house was the place we spend Raya and of course she was present during every important event in my life : engagement, wedding, Ryan's birth etc. Eventhough my sister and I are not truly her grandchilden, we were never treated any less... I love her like mad :)

What is sad is I can't feel that kind of connection with my real grandmother. No one is to blame, we're just not close due to circumstances, I know she's a great woman (she raised 13 out of her 15 children). From the stories I know she's strong, kind, loving etc but sadly I won't be able to hear her tell me those stories herself, won't be able to get her to kiss my pain go away the way Wan use to do, she'll never cook me my fave. dishes like Nek Jah (I doubt she even knows) or even cuddle and play with Ryan...

All I remember was the awkward smiles and conversations during Hari Raya *sigh*. No matter what I pray for her speedy recovery and good health :)
Travelling with Mr. Ryan...

Alhamdullilah. Ryan is a good traveler. Not much fuss though he does get bored lying down in the car seat for so long. He slept throughout the journey to Malacca but we were not lucky on the trip home :p

Check Spelling Daddy and the already bored and wrigling baby.
We have two extra passengers: Nurul and Amzar (who invited himself over to the trip)

Mummy I wanna watch....... ELMO!!

I thank god for Elmo and the portable DVD player in my daddy's MPV ;p

On the way home : Dinner @ Wong Solo, Shah Alam :)

OMG he's so extra manja since he's been home from the hospital. He's forever making people carry him around *sigh*

Amzar's Mangga pose... He's 13 going on 5. He'll drive you nuts sometimes

The Guys Club...

Ryan and Daddy and mummy in the reflection :)


p/s: Not in picture Nurul and I :)
pp/s: Selamat Berpuasa and may you have a blessed Ramadhan
ppp/s: Jangan tamak2 di Pasar Ramadhan
pppp/s: Anyway my cousins find the "siapa Ryan angkat tangan" trick hilarious. They kept on making him do it non-stop. Kesian cheeky cheeks, mcm circus monkey lak... hahah but in a very cute and intelligent way of course :)


Anonymous said...

Hope your grandmother get better soon

DyanaBangs said...

raya balik merlimau tauuu ! HAHAA